Monday, September 19, 2011

How To Scan Without a Scanner

Trying to scan important documents can be so frustrating if you're without a scanner. But as long as you have a digital camera, you're basically home free! In those times of need, just grab your digital camera, snap away, upload and edit/correct the hue, brightness, crop, re-align, etc.

There are also other softwares out there like Snapter that helps automatically crop, stretch, flatten, and process pictures of business cards, documents and whiteboards into more usable forms. It can also correct the perspective, adjust the lighting automatically and even output to PDF file. And according to the review at, it states:

If you are taking snapshots of pages of a book, it can be really difficult to read the text from the raw images. Snapter has the ability to split the pages into two different images and correct the curvature distortion.

It may not be the same as getting Royal Imaging document scanning services done, but it is a great alternative that one should definitely consider!

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