Monday, July 9, 2012


My husband is a DIY person to boot. I don't know whether his DIY attitude stemmed from the fact that he's a frugal person or that he just loves to do things himself. Maybe both. He does the plumbing, electrical wiring, assembling, dismantling, and everything else for us. When we moved, he also assembled the Astro for us so I didn't have to call the installer and pay an extra RM100. He is Mr. DIY.

He has almost every tool imaginable but there are some of his tools that are pretty old and rusty. So when I found I practically did a jig of joy 'coz now I know what to get for him for our anniversary this year.

In fact, I'm getting into this DIY mode myself. I recently even gave the husband a haircut using his hair clipper tools and he just guided me through the motions and he showed me how to handle it when he was cutting our son's hair. He even got praises at his office for his new haircut. Looks like if I ever need a job, I can apply for a men's hair stylist job. LOL!

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