Friday, October 12, 2012

Ramblings of a Cranky Mama Bear

I seriously need to get my laptop fixed. PRONTO! I cannot take anymore of doing my work at Mailboxes. I love it here because it's quiet. It's a store with postal services, packaging services, sells office supplies, name care printing.. you name it. They also have internet services which are affordable. So yeah, it's not like I'm stuck in some dingy cybercafe with people smoking their lungs out playing some MPG shooting game.

However, it's damn cold right now and my fingers are already freezing and feel like they're falling right off. It doesn't help that I'm hungry because the cold makes me even hungrier than ever, which in turn, makes me absolutely cranky. And while I was browsing the H&M site earlier, it didn't help that I saw some really cute fur vests that I wish I had right now. Just to protect me from the cold. Then I'll stuff it into my cupboard where it will never again see the light of it.

Okay. I need to stop rambling. Like now. And get back to work.

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