Monday, December 10, 2012

When The Going Gets Tough

As most of you well know, I just had a baby recently and needless to say, I pretty much resemble a "Walker" right now. The Walking Dead fans would know what that means.. but here, let me show those of you who don't know.

Yes, sleep deprivation does that to you. I was up pretty much the whole night and although my baby is sleeping NOW and I could join him in dreamland if I wanted to, I chose to wake up early because unfortunately I have lots of work to do. A mommy's job is never done.

Anyways, with so much things to juggle and more responsibilities to think of and so little time, I am trying to get things done before year's end.. which is approximately only 21 days away! Gosh. UNBELIEVABLE. I can't believe the end is near. Not referring to the "Mayans' end" but you know what I mean.

I was supposed to help my mom create a blog too. Yeah, my mom is internet savvy these days and she wants an outlet to share her thoughts as well. Knowing my mom, she'll have a great following. In fact, she has more twitter followers than I do. LOL! She's been reminding me to do it before the baby came, but it was just impossible.

What with my sister's wedding coming up and my baby, and preparing for school to reopen next year, it's just so hectic. So hectic, that I might have to ask my mom to send my mom a tutorial on how to make a free website. I think it's easier that way. Besides, she has to learn how to deal with websites on her own since I won't be here all the time to help her out with it.

I just don't know how other moms do it, sometimes. My mom used to handle 4 little kids (ranging from 2 to 10 years old) while taking her degree, staying on the dean's list, in a country so far from her family and had no other help besides my dad. It's hard, but if you've got to do it, you just do it. I guess it's just time for the tough to get going! I CAN DO THIS!

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