Sunday, June 9, 2013

2 a.m.

It's 2.30am and I am finally done packing. I can't fall asleep yet so I decided to blog a little. I feel like I've neglected my blogs for far too long and decided to pay them a visit.

If you're wondering why I'm packing, well, as most of you know, there's not a school holiday that goes by that I DON'T go back to my hometown. I MUST go back. That's just the way it is. I get homesick. A LOT. So, it's basically the end of the school holidays and it's time to return to KL tomorrow. My flight is in the morning which is not the norm for me because with 3 kids to handle, I normally prefer an afternoon or evening flight so I don't have to rush.

However, flights are mostly full due to the school holidays and so the only available flight left was in the morning. So I will try my damnedest to get everyone ready and out the door by 9am. Argh!!

Anyways, wish me a safe flight, k??

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