Friday, June 28, 2013

Guitar Heroes

My guitar playing knowledge is limited to the lead guitar of Guns and Roses's Patience and a couple of other songs but that's about it. I used to like playing guitar until I realized it would harden the pads of my fingers and I used to think that was probably the most unsexy thing for a girl.

Anyways, I know my niece would be into playing the guitar since both her mommy and daddy play guitar really well.

Even my 7 month old son is pretty much starting to love the guitar as well, because he just loves strumming it or loves listening to it being played. Perhaps I should send him and my niece for lessons as soon as he can walk and they'll be the next child prodigies? Ha!! I'm not that overzealous type of parent, though.

Even if baby Z and baby Naeema are in fact going to be good at guitar, it's gonna be ages before I have to buy them those excellent rocktron pedals at guitar center. Maybe I'll wait until they start a band or something.

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