Friday, June 28, 2013

Little Miss Piggies

It's been so long since I blogged here. I used to blog about every single event that happened to me. Last time when something happened, I'll say "I need to blog about this" then it later turned to "I need to tweet about this" and now, it's turned into "I need to... ahh, who cares?" and don't blog or tweet about it. I think I'm just too tired of social media networks.

I'm very much active on Instagram though. But that's only because I'm addicted to Photo-A-Day challenges though. :) Plus, it helps me learn about photography even more.

ANYWAYS, I was looking at my sister's guinea pigs and thought, these guys would have made it to my blog long time ago if I were still an actively active blogger. But poor things haven't even made it to the front page. So, just for the sake of updating my blog, I decided it's high time I featured our latest additions of our family members. Here are the 5 girlies at home (yes, they're all girls) mostly Americana breed guinea pigs. There's Lucy, Tammy, Mama Tow, Piggy and Kubis. Cute little things.

By the way, if anyone out there knows where to get fleece, please let me know because they are really happy in fleece bedding. :)

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