Friday, June 28, 2013

Mom's Advice

Ever since I moved here, I talk to my mom on a regular basis. Either I call her or we Whatsapp each other.. and usually she does what moms normally do. Give sage advice and reminders to pray, stay healthy and be safe. My mom is so worried about city life that she always sends emails regarding kidnapping stories or mugging stories or robbery stories that tend to make me even more paranoid than I normally am.

The thing is, I told her, bad things can happen anywhere and anytime. Someone I know refuses to travel because every place in the world is unsafe and full of people shooting each other. You can't stop it if God wills it. But you can always take preventive measures to stay safe. Like equip yourself with pepper spray and always be alert. Don't walk around with your earphones on. Or text when you're walking in the carpark.

But I guess the best thing to do is, just listen to your mom. If she's worried, then do your utmost best to assuage her fears, even if it means buying batons and keeping them in the car or house. I used to have a baseball bat in my room. But since it would harm me more than I could do harm with it, my brother took it back.

So wherever you are, readers... Pray, stay healthy and be safe! ;)

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