Sunday, June 9, 2013

Perfect Distraction

Tomorrow I'll be headed back home to KL and I've got 1001 things that I really need to do when I get back home. Among some of the things I need to start on is cleaning up my sister's room. Now that she's a married woman, I can turn her room into a guest room so my mom can have a room all to herself when she comes to visit her grandkids.

I can't wait to decorate it and since Allie is using my sister's old mattress (Allie shares a room with Buddy) then I need to get a new good quality Latex foam mattress that doesn't hurt my mom's back. One of those orthopedic types. I hope they don't burn a hole in my wallet, though.

Anyways, with all this planning and work that I have to do, it's the perfect distraction for me.. especially because I get homesick a lot. I really do miss KK when I'm in KL.

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