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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Night Fever

It's a Saturday night and I have no plans at all.. I so wanted to go and catch a movie but there's nothing really child friendly at the moment. I don't want to bring my children to watch Prince of Persia because it'll just make them restless.

So instead, we are cooped up at home and maybe we'll watch a Disney cartoon or two. The Lion King, maybe? My children hasn't watched that one yet... I hope they won't feel traumatized with Simba's dad being killed in front of him while his uncle blames him for his father's death. That's some pretty heavy stuff right there. LOL!

Speaking of heavy stuff, I think I sprained my back by lifting a bucket of water when I was mopping. I think I pulled a muscle or something. I was hoping to find some supplements from our medicine cabinet that might help but... I don't think it'll help. I still need some painkillers, methinks.

So yeah, that's how my Saturday night is going on. Watching cartoons with the kids while nursing my back pain. MAN, do I sound old!! LOL!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Me? Nutritionist? Psshaaww!!

Ever since my mom got sick and we're not even 100% sure what the cause of her pain is, I've been reading up on everything heart related, how to lower bad cholesterol, acne and even gastric! Did you know that acid reflux can cause esophageal spasm that's so painful that most people mistake it as heart pain?

As of this moment, I feel like I can be a qualified nutritionist! gatai So if you find an increase in health related posts on my blog, you'll know why. I've read so much health information that I feel compelled to share it with you guys.. After all, sharing is caring, right? kenyit

The Way To A Healthy Body...

.. Is Through A Healthy Colon. Or that's what I read on an article that I found while cleaning my mom's work desk this morning. And I always thought the way to a healthy body is to EAT!! gatai

Apparently the article stated that years of "waste" that line your colons prevent your body from absorbing all the nutritional value of what you consume. So in order to maximize the rate of absorption, all you have to do is clean your "pipes"! Makes perfect sense, right?

So if any of you want to clean and flush your "pipes", you might want to consider getting some colon cleansing pills! sengihnampakgigi

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Say NO to Asbestos!

Have any of you heard of Mesothelioma cancer before? My family on both my parents' side have histories of some types of cancer and I usually like to read up on what I can do to protect myself and my family from this unwanted disease.

Apparently, the only known cause that contributes to Mesothelioma cancer is exposure to asbestos. Asbestos can be found in products used in renovation works like cement, wallboards, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, pipe covering, etc.

So since not many people know about the effects and causes, you might want to let your family and friends know all about it! It will and can make a difference in your lives!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sales Rep Who Couldn't Stop Talking

Sometime around yesterday afternoon, I got this phone call from this insurance company representative from whom I had purchased an insurance last month. So anyways, they wanted to tell me about a "new and improved" package, that to be honest, I just wasn't interested in. So I just gave her the courtesy of explaining everything.

Since I wasn't sure that it was going to be automatically charged or they automatically upgrade account holders, I asked her "What if I choose not to (upgrade the package)?" Then she still kept talking and talking and explaining the benefits. banyakckpI asked her again, "What if I choose not to?" Again, she talked and talked and talked.. banyakckp I asked her yet again "What if I choose not to??" And she still kept talking and talking.. banyakckpAll this while, my sister was laughing her ass off because I sounded like a broken record.. So this time I raised my voice and said "I asked you a question!! What if I choose not to??!!"

Then she stopped talking and said "Why not?" in an annoyed voice no less. So I said, "It's my choice.. I just don't want to". Then she berated me on not upgrading my package.. then I snapped at her and said "Why are you making such a big issue? I choose not to!! Is that difficult to understand?!!!"

Her response??

"Ok. Bye."

Then she hung up. OMG! gelakguling That was soooo hilarious. I was totally exhausted from that conversation! LOL! I don't know where she got her health insurance lead but I wonder how I got into it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adam Lambert and Hair Loss!

I just received a call from my mom last night.. She always always calls me every Wednesday night.. or SMS at least.. to gush over "how good Adam Lambert sang"!! banyakckpMom knows I can't stand him! Hahahaha..

I'm not above giving credit where credit is due.. and I can honestly say that Adam Lambert is a great singer. I just can't stand his style and his over the top ways. Or maybe that's why people like him so much??But I do like him with his hair sleeked back sans black fingernails, though.. I think he's just absolutely dreamy that way. rindu

Another dreamy guy on American Idol, that has really worked his way into my heart is Kris Allen. His voice just can pull at your heartstrings! Plus, he can pull off that rocker style better than Matt Giraud. Anyways, when he sang "Falling Slowly", one of my fave soundtrack songs ever (I even shared it on Music Monday once), I was floored! I loved his performance!!

SO ANYWAYS, getting back to my conversation with Mom.. we also talked about my complaints regarding my hair loss problems.. Of course, Mom reminded me for the umpteenth time to take my vitamins and protein that she left for me when she came to visit the other day. She assures me that all the vits will be the answer to my problems and guarantees that getting enough nutrients in your body (especially protein) will be better than any hair loss products out there. fikir Well, I guess Moms sure do know best!

So starting today, I will finally listen to her advice and try my best to eat my vits regularly.. Scouts honor!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Britney Spears for Candie's

I saw this Candie's ad over at (thanks Bill!) and do you remember that just over a year ago, Britney Spears was on the path to destruction and suffering major depression? She had checked into drug rehabs God knows how many times, only to check out and try to sort her problems out herself.

After her family's intervention however, she looks much better and healthier, her new album "Circus" is doing great and she seems on the right path to getting her life back in order as well as her career. I think she looks awesome and a far cry from the time she was speaking with a British accent with her paparazzi boyfriend, stalking gas stations.

So if you sense that any of your family or friends might be having problems with drug addiction, discuss it with those closest to him for an intervention. All healing is first a healing of the heart.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finding A Cure..

My health right now is not exactly in poor condition but it isn't great either. The moment mom arrived at my place, and 10 mins of hugs and kisses to everyone, she started taking out her supplements and insisting that we take our vitamins.. all the while saying, you'll be thanking me one day. Yes, mommy.. thank you so much.

Mom, like HER mother, is very very knowledgeable about healthcare.. My late grandmother believed with all her might that the right supplements will not only make you age gracefully, but cure any ailments that you have or combat them before you get them. She passed away at the age of 84 and up until the last years of her life, she was still our "Walking Encyclopedia" and no one has been able to beat her at Scrabble.

She knew about how to cure ailments almost as much as Dan Neumeister. For questions and concerns about healthcare, how to cure diseases and other related topics, Dan Neumeister can help in clarifying the pressing issues. Know more about Dan Neumeister's background here.

So anyways, as I was saying, my mother and grandmother are really into this and all my life I've grown up having this instilled in me. So for health reasons, why not? What have I got to lose?

Bottoms up!

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