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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Car Woes

Ever since my husband lost his car a couple of months ago, he has been extremely cautious where he parks his car, double checking on his steering lock to even treating the security guard at our car park to drinks (I think he thinks doing so would make the security guard take extra care of his car). Of course he denies it and maybe I should just stop looking into hidden agendas when there is none but then again, wives are usually right when it comes to these things.

Anyways, back on point, my husband has asked me to google "best steering locks" and instead I stumbled upon a post that teaches people to break steering locks! URGH! Stupid P.O.S.

We've gone through 2 car loss incidents and God forbid we go through any more. It's bad enough that our car insurance claims took over 3 months!!

So if you see any articles that promote car stealing, please don't tweet it! It most probably will be used against you!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Car Dummy Talks Cars

I am not a car person. When I say I am not a car person, that means, I do not drive and I know nuts about cars. Even when I was single I did not care if a guy drove or not. My ex-bf didn't have his own car when we started dating. Sure, he had a car later on, but it still didn't matter what type of car he drove.

Some guys think they can pull a "you wanna drive around in my RX7" line.. I don't care. RX7, Skyline, and pick up lines.. whatever! I can't be bothered. I saw a car once and said it was ugly.. and my friends looked at me in disbelief.. "you think a Nissan Fairlady is ugly??" LOL! Yes, that's what I think. There's no appeal to it but that's just me. I don't think a car should be named after a Broadway production too.. Just sayin'... Then again, what do I know, right?

But I don't hate cars. There are cars that I see and that I like but unfortunately, like most Sabahans, I prefer big cars. Small sporty cars don't really do it for me. Not that I don't appreciate a good sports car when I see it, (with the exception of a Nissan Fairlady), but I guess I'm more practical and I need a "mom car" that will ensure the safety of my children while looking good at the same time. Like a "Ninja King" (as my hometown folk call it).

However, that's still too huge for me..besides, you can't turn the corner without seeing it on the road back home. LOL! Kinda loses the unique factor for me. 

I particularly like the Chevrolet Equinox LS SUV, but I heard it's not that easy to get chevy accessories and parts.. people tell me that your car would be out of commission for months even with the slightest incident. So that doesn't sound too good, right?

Oh well, no need to stress all about it right now. It's not like I even have a driver's license on me! I'm just a passenger in a car. LOL! What about you guys? You prefer big cars or small cars?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not A Car Chick

I am bad when it comes to cars. Sure, I can tell the brand of the car if you pointed one out to me but if you ask me the make and model of the car.. Well, I'm as lost as Emperor Kuzco was as a llama.

When Syura talks to me about cars and names the model, I'm like "whaaaa???? blur" Maybe THAT'S the reason I don't drive. Sure, in the near future, I'd want to learn driving for emergency purposes.. If I can pass the test, that is! gatai I know what headlights are but what are hid lights??

It's a wonder how my husband, the car enthusiast, can be attracted to me. ihikhik

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Alone!

My mom, sisters and my son went out for a shopping excursion to KLCC and I'm alone at home with Allie. She's asleep and I'm thinking of joining her ngantuk but I still have a couple of DVDs that I haven't watched. I know for sure that if I were to wait till tonight, I wouldn't have the chance. My husband will be wanting to watch his movies - Appaloosa and 3:10 To Yuma. topitopitopi

Once he gets started on his movies, I'll be needing me a forklift to lift him off the couch. ketukmeje Hmm.. yeah, you know what, while I've got the house all to myself, I think I will get started on my DVDs.

See ya later, alligators!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Costume Jewelry Designer

As I do my bloghopping and my daily rounds of EC dropping, I noticed more and more ETSY shops for designer costume jewelry popping up like mushrooms. A lot of people are getting more and more interested in making a business out of their hobby.. and I think that's a great opportunity for work at home moms (WAHM) to keep their income flowing.

I used to do a lot of jewelry designing myself and maybe when I'm confident enough about my handiwork, I might even show it to you guys. Anyways, is a costume jewelry website with amazing pieces with amazing quality that specializes in rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets, watches, pins, fashion accessories personalized items and birthstones. They make great gifts and they're reasonably priced too.

If you're looking for gift for her OR him, this might be the place to stalk!

Monday, July 28, 2008

What's a radiator?

Does any of you know EXACTLY what a radiator is?

When I was small, probably like when I was 5-6 years old, I heard my father talking about something called radiator. At that young age, I honestly thought that it was something to make someone look radiant! LOL! No wonder up till today, I don't drive. Because I know close to nothing about cars! At all!

Actually, to be honest, even NOW, I have no idea what a radiator is and what it's function is. Seriously. I don't know.

After googling it, I now know that:

Radiators are types of heat exchangers designed to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of cooling and heating. The majority of radiators are constructed to function in automobiles, buildings and electronics.

tepuktangan Good for me! At least I learned something new today! You peepz must think I'm such a bimbo, huh? But I bet you didn't know that is the largest radiator distributor in the U.S.? They have radiators for every make and model, from BMW to Toyota radiators.. and ALL comes with an UNLIMITED lifetime warranty.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Men and their auto accessories..

Are auto accessories to men, like shoes for women? Even if we don't have a certain outfit but if those shoes are just to die for, we get it anyway.. Well, because men go goo goo gaga over these thingamajigs even if their car doesn't need them. I'm not generalizing here, it's just that my hubby is like that. I always lose him at the auto section in Giant or Carrefour. He hovers around me like a bodyguard but when we pass that particular section, I lose him. It's mind boggling really! Are most men like him, or is it just my "luck"? :-P

Me + cars = Blur!

Sometime last week, I met up with some of my ex-schoolmates. Some of which I haven’t seen since the last day of school! And one of my guy friends, was telling about how he needed to change his Honda Radiator. I told him right off, that whatever he was saying, was just flying over my head. Come on, I can’t even drive and he wants to confide in me regarding his radiator?

Instead of coming to me, he should definitely check out, which just so happens to be the leading online source for radiators and also cooling components. All at the lowest possible price together with a satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty! So there!

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