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Monday, April 4, 2011

Personalized Trinkets for Giveaways

I've been thinking about having a giveaway of some sort here on My Sweet Escape.. The last giveaway I ever made was over at my fashion blog, The Accidental Fashionista, where I gave away a Victoria's Secret triple pack lip gloss... and that was like YEAAARRRRSSS ago.

Last time I used to give away trinkets to my top commentors and top EC droppers but nowadays, I find it difficult to keep track 'coz I'm just too busy to tally up the winners at the end of the month. I think a couple of my readers got some personal keychains that had my blog avatars on it, right?

Photo credit: Phatelara

If you're looking for a keychain like that, you can check out keychains at Personal Creations! :)

However, I have a bigger prize I plan to give away on MSE but I just don't know WHAT yet. :) Let me think of it, and then I'll be sure to let you guys know, ok? :) But when I say something BIGGER, please don't think MacBook or iPad. LMAO!

Let me put on my thinking cap and we'll see how it goes then, aighhhhtt?? :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What A Night!

Right now, I am sitting by the window of the hospital room in SJMC.. or is it called SDMC now (that's what the wifi here says). Anyways, I have been here at the hospital ever since the night of the Bloggers Gathering dinner.

On our way home from dinner, my son just wouldn't stop crying and upon closer inspection, he was doubled over in pain so we headed straight to the hospital where he got checked in due to high fever and dehydration. The next morning, he went for chest x-rays and the doctor found him to have slight pneumonia. By the way, DENGUE and H1N1 - NEGATIVE.

I went home last night for an hour to get some of my things (laptop included) and found my bed soaking wet! My bed looked like a water bed just burst. Apparently, it was raining cats, dogs and pandas while I was at the hospital... So there IS a blessing that Buddy was hospitalized.. at least I have some place else to stay. Poor husband, I left him to deal with it.. and his idea was just to cover it using this tarp-like thingy.. like one of those hot tub cover thingies.

Hopefully by the time I come home, I'll have a nice dry bed.

The Bloggers Gathering went smoothly and I had lots of fun! And thanks to LadyJava, Mariuca and Emila Yusof, my first night at the hospital was made bearable thanks to the brownies (LJ), the wonderful craft books (Emila), and the chocs (Marzie)!! I was just following Marzie's advice, A Balanced Diet is a Chocolate in each hand! hahahaha

Also loads of thanks to everyone who made the trouble to attend the gathering.. Haaziq and friend, Megat, Bem, Soulie, Bella and B-bunz, Marzie and B, LJ and A, Adrian and wife, Emila, Marvic and hubs.. Thanks for making the night enjoyable and here's to hoping there are more lepak sessions to come.. ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blogger Gathering Update!

So a blogger gathering is in the works as I mentioned before. A tentative booking has been made on the 1 October 2010 (Friday) at Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur for 7.30pm. The organizers, myself, LadyJava and Mariuca would be really grateful to all of you who plan to come, to:

1) Confirm your attendance.
2) How many guests you're bringing with you.

Please inform us by 26 September 2010. Okay?

I hope that's okay and reasonable for all of you! Any questions, don't hesitate to ask any of us!

p/s: In the meantime, I am going to figure out a way how to lose weight fast!!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogger Gathering In The Works!

What started from a post about yummy brownies, prompted an invite from LadyJava to come for a visit to her place and perhaps enjoy some poolside dinner. Fast-forward a couple hundred tweets later, a Blogger Gathering plan is in the works!

If there's one thing you must know about me, I can't resist a good gathering -- good company, good food, good conversation!! How exactly do I know it'll be good? I don't!! But why wouldn't it be?? That's just the optimist in me!

I've attended the Sabahan Blogger Gathering back in 2008, and I had a BLAST! It's always great meeting new people, and finally coming together and meeting fellow online bloggers face-to-face, just makes everything complete.

I haven't ever met any of my fellow online buddies from the Klang Valley, save for Debbie a.k.a Phatelara.. and from that meeting, she has become a really close friend of mine. However, her brother Jojo isn't feeling well at the moment, so she might not be able to attend the gathering as her brother is still undergoing treatment back in Kuching.

Anyways, there's an invite out on Facebook for all the Klang Valley bloggers out there - Bem69, Soulie, Haaziq, Rizal, Jean, Nessa, Emila, Nick Phillips (open an FB account lah), etc.. The poll is still out on the venue, but the proposed date for the gathering will be on 1st October 2010. Ladies, yeah.. time to start our dieting.. hahahah.. worst comes to worst, go and buy phentermine already! (Kidding!)

Just so you know, I do wish with all my heart that Ane, Elai, Gagay, Bill, David and all the rest of our fellow bloggers from overseas can make it. However, if you guys do make it out here, we'll do an even bigger meet-up!

For now, for those of you who have received invites, or want to be invited, let me know!! Just leave a message for me at the comment section!

Friday, February 19, 2010

First Commenter Score Updated!*

Here at My Sweet Escape, I honor my first commenters (the first person to comment on a new post) with linky love and first commenter points!

This is how it works..

First commenters on posts marked with an asterisk (*) such as this post, will have their blog badge or link displayed at the bottom of said post, and those peepz will also get 1 point on the First Commenter Scoreboard (FCSB) - which you can see on my far right sidebar under the label FCSB.

For non * marked posts, you will not receive linky love or have your badge/link displayed, HOWEVER you will still earn 1 point on the FCSB.

So at the end of the month, the scores are tallied and I will award the top FC for that month, either with a "special gift" that will be mailed directly to your home address, OR you will receive Entrecard credits (1 point = 50ECs)!

The Top FCs for that month will then also have their badge displayed above the FCSB for an entire month!

And since I have not updated my FCSB since I went back to my hometown for 2 and a half months, here are my Top FCs from November - January!

November Top FC = Mariuca

December Top FC = Mariuca

January Top FC = LadyJava and Gagay

There you go, ladies and gentlemen!

I have tallied all the points and calculated everyone's winnings and the Entrecard credits will be deposited into your EC accounts as soon as possible!! Congratulations everyone!

First Commenter Gets Linky Love

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blogging Live from Coffee Bean!

It's 11:14pm right now and I'm at Coffee Bean (Damai branch) right now. So for those of you who are around the area, you can come over and come and chat with me. For those silent readers, yeah, you can come and stalk me here too! LOL!

I'm waiting for my girlfriends to keep me company and prolly gonna chat till late. :) In the meantime, I'm killing time blogging about acne solution right now! LOL!

So yeah... anyone wanna come visit? I'll be here till 1am! kenyit

To Reveal Or To Conceal?

I have been actively blogging since late 2006 and I now have 4 different blogs. When I started blogging, the thought of people (especially stangers!) reading my innermost thoughts scared the heck out of me. But then I realized that having a personal blog doesn't mean giving up your privacy and revealing everything to the world.

There are SOME personal things that I share - aspirations, goals, disappointments, and other pointless ramblings (such as this post).. but there are other events that I just keep mum about.
I know (from my own experience), how freaky it is to meet someone you've never met before but that person knows so much about you.

By compiling all your personal stories and stuff, someone can even steal your identity... online or offline. Scary, ain't it? (So just in case, you might want to read up on identity theft protection just to be on the safe side.)

Anyways, my point is, to all my fellow bloggers out there, just be careful with what you write and what you share. You never know who's reading.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Top First Commenters For October*

I was away for the most part of October but I'm grateful that there are loyal followers and readers who still drop by and drop comments whenever they're here.

Normally, I'll have a special gift sent to my Top Commenter, but since I'm too busy on the home front and stuff, I'll follow Debbie's cue and award 50EC credits for 1 point earned. First Commenter Gets Linky Love and/or 1 Point on the FC scoreboard.

So here's the Top FCs for October:

Marzie - 6 Points (300 ECs)
Gagay - 4 Points (200 ECs)
LadyJava - 3 Points (150 ECs)
Ane - 2 Points (100 ECs)
Debbie - 1 Point (50 ECs)
Monica - 1 Point (50 ECs)

Congratulations!! The EntreCard credits will be on their way after I settle ALL the Top FCs and Top Droppers across all my blogs!

p/s: Check out NES's Top First Commenters for October '09 and see whether you made the list!

First Commenter Gets Linky Love

elai’s haven

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Top FC for July '09!**

For those of you who frequent my blog, then you might have noticed that on certain posts, such as this one, there's an asterisk (*) on my blog title. The number of asterisks (*) represent how many "first commenters" I will feature on my blog.

First commenters (FCs) are well.. people who manage to leave the first comment on my blog post. Not that hard to follow, right? So these FCs will not only get a link back to their blog(s) of their choice, but they will also get 1 point on the First Commenter Score Board (FCSB) like the one on my far right sidebar.

So the points will be tallied at the end of the month, and the person with the most points, will get a 1 month feature above the FCSB and also a "surprise gift" from yours truly! So don't be surprised if you see people jostling their way to my blog posts to land a point.

For the month of July, the winner of Top FC, goes to Mariuca!! Congratulations and thanks for "chopping" like mad to get the top spot! A "gift" will be coming your way!!

p/s: I "tweet" my latest posts sometimes, so it does help to be FC if you follow me on Twitter!

First Two Commenters Gets Linky Love

July '09 Top Droppers!!

I'd like to thank all of you who have dropped your EntreCards daily here on My Sweet Escape for the month of July. There are no words to express how grateful I am that you dedicate your time to do your daily dropping and choosing my blog to drop by on every day!

So here are My Sweet Escape's Top 10 Droppers for July '09!

CONGRATULATIONS to all My Sweet Escape Droppers!

Meow Diaries

Life According To Me

Thank you all! Top 3 droppers will get 300 ECs, 200 ECs and 100 ECs respectively.. And in this case.. congratulations Marzie! Your blogs bagged all the 3 top spots!! Awesome!!

First Three Commenters Gets Linky Love


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thank You!!**

Thanks to all my blogger buddies for taking the time from your bz lives to comment, drop EC, click on adgi ads, and rush over to be first commenter on my blog! You guys are awesome and I adore all of you! So to recognize your efforts for the past month, let's have a look at those who made Top Dropper, Top FC, and Top Commenters.

Top Dropper for June:

Top First Commenter for June: Ane!! (Top FC get a surprise gift from yours truly!! Congrats!!)

Life According To Me

Top Commenter Monthly and Top Commenter Overall: Ane and Marzie, respectively!! Things haven't changed since last month and both have managed to hold on to their throne!


Congratulations to all that made it, you will be receiving your EC credits soon!! :) And to those who didn't make it to the list, but still come by everyday to check out my blog, thanks rom the bottom of my heart! Love you guys!! :)

First and Second Commenter Gets Linky Love

Life According To Me

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Look and 3rd Payment for JPP*

My entertainment blog, Just Press Play, has undergone some changes with her look! It's been having the same look since December 2008 and the longer I look at it, the more it seems like "bird crap" to me.. LOL! Since it's been up and running for more than 6 months and also the fact that she's been earning me some cool hard cash AND has managed to get a PR2.. I thought my blog DESERVES a new look.

So, I enlisted bem69's help for the header.. well, since he's a great artist and I want my entertainment blog to have a more "guy friendly" feel, I figured he'd be the perfect person to help me out on it. I wanted a cleaner and appealing look, without much use of images and just concentrate on the title.. and that's what I got!!

Here's the old "bird crap" look:

And here's the new look:

Don't you think it's just so awesome?? Well, I think it does. LOL!

Oh and when I mentioned that Just Press Play earns me cold hard cash, it means I get paid for traffic on my blog. I received my 3rd payment on 10th May and I'm looking forward to another payment on 10th June!! Minimum payout is $50. Want to know more, you can read more about it from my 1st Payout post AND my 2nd payout post.

Thanks to all my loyal readers and commenters and all of y'all who love entertainment and movies for making me hit 40,000 unique visits for the month of April!! In May, I hit 41 000 unique hits!! You guys are the best!!

Get paid to BLOG at just like me!! Advertisers too are more than welcome to Advertise on!!

Note: Due to the economy, the pay per post system like I stated HERE has been retracted and most bloggers, including yours truly are now ONLY paid for traffic.

First Commenter Gets Linky Love

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