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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Accountant Vs. Housewife

Back in school, accounting was one of my favorite subjects. Why? Because I felt like doing all those ledgers and all that "bookkeeping" felt like I was counting my own hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Perhaps had I ventured into accounting, probably I would have made it big by making it into the Las Vegas Quickbooks Accounting Firm! How I wish I were attached to that firm (again, that is, if I pursued an accounting career). The guys over at KondlerCPA, is qualified to handle organizations in all industries however they have a vast amount of experience in the following industries; entertainment, casinos, bars and restaurants, internet, high net-worth individuals, contractors, developers, etc..

However, I took a different route instead. Yes, I chose marriage and motherhood and now all the counting and bookkeeping that I'm keeping track of is my household budget and grocery lists. But hey, at least I'm happy, right?? kenyit

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shemah Shakyhands..

I was watching the first few episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season 5 recently and it just reminded me of how much I thought I had my dreams on being a medical surgeon all set.

Yup.. once upon a time, that was what I thought. But I did remember way back when I was doing my A-levels, my lecturer did suggest I check into other careers. Not that she was being discouraging or whatever. Even I myself knew this.. My hands were too shaky. I don't have the steady and gentle hands to be a surgeon. It'd be like asking Edward Scissorhands to perform surgery. Seriously.

But I don't know, maybe being a medical assistant wouldn't be that bad, eh? Apparently, there's a surge of growing job opportunities in this line. I recently did stumble upon this medical assistant school that provides online classes for those aspiring to be a medical assistant. Sure, it may not be as glamorous as having the title of medical surgeon. Still, where would they be if it weren't for medical assistants, right?

Anyways, is a medical assistant school that provides online classes for programs such as Pharmacy Technician Program, Dental Assistant Program, Nursing Assistant Program and Medical Assistant Program. Just for your info, the programs are accredited and certified, affordable and convenient for those interested in an online distance education of such programs.

However, personally, with my two kids still so young, I don't think I'll be doing any studying anytime soon. I would love to, definitely. Just not now... Great things come to those who wait. Right? kenyit

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Job search made easy..

Looking for a job? Having difficulty in finding the best job for you? Why don’t you try A.E Feldman Associates, Inc. As an executive search agency, they specialize in executive placement and management consulting. They fill positions, from middle to top executive to top “C level” management. Job positions from analysts to managing directors, their reputation has helped build relationships with Fortune 500 and industry-leading clients together with top-quality candidates.

You could also find risk management jobs under the financial services and risk management area. Other practice areas include legal and legal support services, media and communication (including telecommunications), technology, human resources consulting and luxury products. In the U.S and abroad, A.E. Feldman does what they do best by filling professional, executive and top management positions.

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