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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcoming a New Year

We are just a few winks away from the year 2013! I am looking forward to ending the year on a happy note and can't wait to welcome the New Year with a lot of plans for myself as well as my family.

God willing, there will be plenty of changes for my family and I. Besides my sister getting married next year, my mom also wishes to do some minor renovations to the house. She would so love to redo her kitchen as well as her garden and my late dad's old study room. We have been going gaga over at Pinterest for ideas and inspirations for the "new look" we have planned.

I also just showed these really cute curved garden bench for my mom's garden and she loves it as well.

That is, if God willing, we will be able to make our dreams come true. We can only plan, the rest is up to God. :)

On another note, for Muslims around the world, our new year has already arrived! Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year in the Muslim calendar so I would like to wish everyone Salam Maal Hijrah to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

May Allah S.W.T. grant you abundance in health and wealth and bless you with goodness throughout the year. May we all strive to become better Muslims -- As a day ends, our life span decreases and so we shouldn't take life for granted and concentrate on doing more good deeds and ibadah in the future. :)

"Don't try to be better than someone else. Try to be better than who you were yesterday."

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holiday Cards

Raya is just about 2 weeks away and friends on Twitter are preparing to post them out! :) I love getting mail. It's not that I don't appreciate online e-cards or e-greetings or whatever, but getting a snail mail card feels wonderful!

Every year, I normally get some company holiday cards from being on their mailing list or friends using company greeting cards and I love those too. LOL!

I love them all. I love them so much that I just asked a friend on Twitter to send one to me too. I know right?? No shame. No shame at all. Hahaha. I'm SHAMELESS!! "Ask and you shall be given", no?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Belated Birthday Post

So I celebrated my birthday almost 2 months ago and my best friend is already chasing me for the pictures. I didn't do anything much, just dinner with my family and close friends. What better way to celebrate than being surrounded by your loved ones, right? :)

Here's a couple of the pics taken that night. :)

My loved ones.
My bestie and I.
My "birthday" cake.
Yours truly making a wish -- hoping for a Michael Kors watch

The rest of my birthday desserts. The red velvet, not worth ordering. I liked the banoffee pie, though.

The husband couldn't make it that night because he was busy with a function of his own, the Malaysia Airlines Airport Operations Gala Dinner where he was awarded with Best Employee in his department.

I was bummed because I couldn't go to support him but he assured me only boring fogeys would be attending the event. He also ended up winning a lucky draw prize! :) An American Tourister luggage case.

I also received a wonderful birthday package all the way from Kuching, thanks to Debbie! She's really awesome at sending me gifts and I feel a tad bit awful for not being as awesome as she is to me. But I do hope she knows how much I appreciate her friendship! Look at the wonderful handmade card she gave as well as the bookmark and notebook she gave! :) Love  you, Debbs!

So yeah, that's all about it! All in all, I had a wonderful birthday this year and I'm grateful for all the lovely people I have in my life. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Takkan Habis Cintaku

Happy Birthday, my darling husband. The past 9 years have seen our ups and downs but it's a journey that I'm glad to have gone on with you and no one else. I love you.

This is a song that describes my love for my husband.. It's by Indonesian trio, Lingua. It's a pretty old song.. but I still love it and it sends a beautiful meaning. :)

'Pabila tersayang jatuh di pangkuan
Tiada keinginan hatiku menyayang selain dirimu
'Pabila tercinta inginkan pelukan
Akan kuberikan padamu seorang semampu diriku

Selama bersama akan hanya ada cinta
Semenjak bersama tak 'kan ada hasrat hilangkan cinta yang telah ada untuk s'lamanya

Tak 'kan habis cintaku kepadamu
Tak 'kan letih aku menyayangimu

'Pabila terkasih mendambakan mimpi
Kucoba sanggupi untuk 'ku memberi mimpi yang terindah

Selama bersama tiada hendak aku berpisah
Selagi bersama hanya ada kita coba bersumpah saling mencinta untuk s'lamanya

Tak 'kan habis cintaku kepadamu (oh... begitu pun juga diriku)
Tak 'kan letih aku menyayangimu (oh... seperti cintaku padamu)

Selama bersama akan hanya ada cinta (untuk selamanya)
Semenjak bersama tak 'kan ada hasrat hilangkan cinta yang telah ada untuk s'lamanya

Tak 'kan habis cintaku kepadamu
Tak 'kan letih aku menyayangimu, oh...
(Pada dirimu)

Tak 'kan habis cintaku kepadamu (begitu pun cintaku padamu)
Tak 'kan ingin 'ku menjauh darimu (seperti cintaku padamu)
Tak 'kan habis cintaku kepadamu (takkan habis cintaku padamu)
Tak 'kan letih ku merindu dirimu (hanya dirimu yang kurindukan)
Tak 'kan habis cintaku kepadamu (cintamu, cintaku)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 Revisited

January - There's no better way than welcoming the New Year in your PJs, right?

Celebrating with my mom, sister and kids with fellow residents of USJ 19, Rhythm Avenue.
2011 started off as the year my son started school! A very proud moment for me, because it's a sign that not only did I survive raising my son, but he survived me being his mom! LOL!

Buddy's first day of school! 
February - Flew back to KK to help plan my brother's wedding as well as attend my dear friends' wedding! They both looked gorgeous that night.. and to see them finally get married after a long 14-year courtship, it just made me feel over the moon for them! :)

March - My older brother's wedding.. I barely had any sleep helping them plan this wedding and I was glad everything went well. For weeks, I couldn't stop watching their wedding video.. it was beautiful..  but what I loved most of all, is that I gained a new sister to join the family! Welcome to the family, Dahlia! :)

April - Allie had a minor accident. She split her chin open and needed stitches that cost more than constructing a new chin. *rolls eyes*

Mom and Seri came down for a visit to celebrate Buddy's 7th birthday. First time the whole family spent the day in Sunway Lagoon! Then off we went to Canoodling at Bangsar Village 2 upon the birthday boy's request.

May - My birthday month! I don't know why, but we ended up at Canoodling, again! LOL! I guess we just enjoy it there.. food is good and cheap! Kids are occupied with drawing the whole time... what's not to like?

June - I managed to score some invites to behind-the-scenes and Gala Premiere of Magical Musicals.. which I thoroughly enjoyed. Met up with Isaac and Caroline for the first time! Always a wonderful plus, to meet new friends. ;)

July - The month Harry Potter released the final film. My childhood has officially ended!! :( :( :(  Thank God I scored premiere passes!

In July, I helped out my sister plan her big 3-0 birthday in Bali.. and as a gift, I went all the way to KLCC to go to Nigel Barker's book signing. My sister is a big fan but since she was in Bali, she couldn't make it. And guess what? I managed to make my way into Nigel Barker's blog post. Try and spot me. ;)

August - Hari Raya Aidilfitri! After a month of fasting, the family and I returned back to KK to celebrate Hari Raya with the family!

September - We decided to move out from our place and find a bigger house since the kids were getting bigger. I also cut my hair out of boredom because I'm stupid impulsive like that. But I like changing my hair up because I can't bear to wear the same style for long.

October - Allie turned 4! We celebrated her birthday at Chilli's @ Citta Mall. Nothing major. Just us. Mom came a couple of days later and all we did was cook and cook and cook. In fact, I feel like making my meatloaf for New Year.

November - After months of training, finally managed to run my first 10km run! I'm pleased that I managed to strike down one of my New Year's resolution -- Join a 5km race. Instead of doing a 5km I went for a 10km and I'm super pleased with how it went. Which in turn made me cross out another New Year's resolution -- Lose weight. Thanks to all that training, I managed to lose 9kgs, this year. However, I'm still far from reaching my goal.. so I can't get excited just yet.

Before the race
Happily finishing the race
 Also managed to score some behind the scenes and Gala Premiere tickets to Aladdin the Musical which was just wonderful! I enjoyed it a whole lot and can't wait for more musicals to come our way.

December - The year ended just how I wanted it to be. Crossing out my major New Year resolution for 2011 - moving in to a new home!

Also, I joined my 2nd 10km race which encourages me only to join more races in 2012 and who knows, by end of 2012, I'll be able to run a half marathon. *wishful thinking* Crazier things have happened, you know.. hahah

Before leaving for KK, Bella invited me to join her at the Video Shoot of "Baru", the lastest single by Estranged and we had ourselves a good time that night at the Carrefour rooftop! Haha!

Spent the last 2 weeks of December with my family back in KK.

Oh! And my beautiful cousin, Rina, is now engaged! So happy for her! Congrats Rina and Syakair! :)

I am now back in KL to usher in the New Year in my new home and hoping to start a new chapter in my life! I'm so grateful to the Almighty for giving me this blessed life full of wonderful people and wonderful things. Alhamdulillah!

Next, I have to start planning and plotting some new resolutions and I can't wait to start crossing them off like I did this year. Oh and as you all know, I made it my resolution this year to own a camera.. and guess what? I can check that off my list!! Stay tuned for that..

With that, I'd love to wish all my readers a Happy New Year. May God bless you all throughout the year with immense joy and wealth, happiness and health and insurmountable love! Happy 2012, everyone!

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