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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Happiest Moment

“Happy moments are fleeting, but when captured, preserves the feeling and keeps the memories alive” - Shemah

If you go around asking mothers what their happiest moments are, I could guarantee that almost all (if not all) would probably give you an answer that's related to their children or spouse. I, personally, can definitely relate to that. My two children, my husband and the rest of my family are the center of my life. Without them, I am nothing.

Thinking back to the happiest moments in all my 28 years of life, I COULD say that the birth of my two children will be top on that list.

But I WON'T.


Well, like some people say, happiness is a state of mind.

Ever seen a woman in labor? Want to know her state of mind?!?!?! In as much as I truly believe that my children are my life's best achievements, giving birth is not exactly my definition of contentment and pleasure! Ask a woman in throes of contractions and ask her, right then and there, if THAT moment is the happiest moment in her life and you'd probably be wearing a hand print on your face for 2 whole weeks! That is, IF you're lucky.


With that being said, although one of the happiest moments to share in my life would be the obvious choice of my children or husband, I rather share the part of my life that I've never really talked about before on my blog. The part that was undoubtedly one of the best times of my life; MY CHILDHOOD.

Real elation is when you feel you could touch a star without standing on tiptoe.  ~Doug Larson

Oh, to be a kid again! No stress, no sadness or grief, no worries, no obligations, no responsibilities... just pure unadulterated joy! I attribute my happy childhood to my parents. They weren't wealthy by any means but we wanted for nothing. We were hauled off overseas so my parents could continue their studies and despite being students and doing odd jobs to make ends meet, (my father worked as a part time janitor at his university and my mom would cook and sell food to fellow Malaysian students – including making and selling salted eggs!), they always made time for us.

My father has always been a hands on dad. He would be the one to take over my mom when she had to concentrate on her finals or had early morning classes. Therefore he would do the cooking, bathe us and in the evenings, bring us cycling. By night fall, he would always read to us; the highlight of my days, which was also perhaps the reason why I started reading when I was only 3 years old. During the weekends, he'll either bring us on a road trip to the neighbouring county or he'd bring my brothers fishing. 
And if there's one thing you must know about my father, is that he's PASSIONATE about photography. He took pictures of us every possible chance he could get. If we were to receive a penny for every picture he took, he probably wouldn't have to work anymore and just sit down lounging in a yacht off the coast of Bora Bora! LOL! Everything my siblings and I did, was a Kodak moment to him. 

One of my favorite photos he took of me was also one of the happiest moments of my childhood. :)
I was 5 years old. It was the first Halloween that my sister and I were allowed to go trick or treating with the rest of the kids in the neighbourhood..

So all we had to do was decide on what we wanted to go as... BUT on ONE condition.

We had to choose our costumes from the 99cent bin at K-Mart because my parents couldn't afford extravagant costumes.

Honestly, I didn't care one single bit. I was just excited that I could go AT ALL. My sister decided on being a Moon Dreamer because that was just the 'shiznit' back then. I took a while to decide what I wanted to be. I wanted to go either as a Smurf or Snoopy (I was OBSESSED with both). So when we made our way to K-Mart, I saw the costume that I instantly fell in love with and knew it was THE ONE. Snoopy's sidekick. 

My happiest moment! Taken by my dad on Halloween night 1988. *click pic to enlarge*
Woodstock. Halloween of '88. Best costume ever! 

My sister and I were soooooo happy that we didn't even care that all the other kids had super awesome costumes that must have cost so much more! I thought I looked smashing!! I felt like I was sooooo “rad” and NO ONE could top my plastic costume (HAHA!).. well, except for that one Freddy Krueger. HE was so real looking, I almost cried.

Looking back at these preserved memories that my father happily shot, I can't help but relive that moment of getting ready, going out, and coming back with BAGS of candy. This 23 year old memory makes me so sentimental especially since Halloween is just around the corner! To think that only a 99cent costume would make a child so happy that it resonates through to adulthood!

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.  ~Ansel Adams

I am forever grateful that my happiest moments are forever immortalized in beautiful still photos that my father captured whether by Polaroid camera, point and shoot or his SLR. I'm a bit mad at myself that I'm not more like that with my own kids. The camera that I own right now, is still operating on AA batteries!! None of that fancy DSLR stuff and I have to constantly replenish the batteries.  On days when I don't, the special moments just passes me by. Whether it's my kids' crazy antics, or not having a proper photo with Nigel Barker when I went to his book signing last July (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!), or just candid photos of random things in my life. Not only that it's an EPIC FAIL as a blogger.. but as my father's daughter as well. God's honest truth, a piece of me feels like I'm disappointing my father.

My father passed away less than a month after my 18th birthday. It's been 10 years already yet I still grieve and miss him like it just happened yesterday. It devastates me that my father never got to meet his granchildren and vice versa... yet, I know his passion and legacy still lives on with us. It would devastate me even more if my children weren't able to share their pictures with THEIR children like I have been able to do with them. For that, I have my late father to thank for all the wonderful photographs he took.... and, because of my late dad, I'm able to share these never-before-seen pics of my childhood here, with all of you.

My Childhood – photo credits: My dad.

By the way, speaking of happy moments, have you guys seen the new Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3 and the Olympus Pen Lite Mini E-PM1?? It's fantastic!! The specs are so awesome! This is THE camera to get! You guys know how much I've been wanting an Olympus camera right?? I've blogged about it for months! Since June, I believe!! Anyways, the ad couldn't be more perfect! So apt and nothing short of cool!

The best part is, YOU have the chance of getting your hands on one of these beauties, thanks to Nuffnang and Olympus. Just head on over to Nuffnang's blog and find out how you can win them!

Hope you enjoyed my happiest moment, and feel free to share your happy moments with me in the comment section!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Win Tickets to The Biggest Loser Asia Finale

"The Biggest Loser Asia" finale is coming up and it's going to be held here in KL, on 9th March 2009 and you can win tickets!! [Click on the image to join the contest]

My sister, BFF and I are total fans of the show! The contestants are all inspiring and just amazing people..

I mean, even people with average weight find it so difficult to workout.. and these guys are working out like there's no tomorrow with their weight?? KUDOS!! There's nothing like losing weight the old fashioned way - with exercise and the right eating habits.. and not dependent at all on the best weight loss pills on the market.

Anyways, just in case you guys were wondering, we're rooting for our home boy Aaron Mokhtar!! DEFINITELY!

I know there's a lot of competition, especially with David Gurnani (Indonesia) leading with the highest fat percentage loss but still... GO AARON!! As of this week, the remaining contestants are:

Tony (Thailand), David (Indonesia), Aaron (Malaysia), Marilyn (Singapore), Martha (Hong Kong), Carlo (Philippines) and Kevin (Philippines).

So, who are you guys rooting for?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Win a RM50 Parkson Voucher for Father's Day!

Hear ye! Hear ye!!

Edna is currently having a contest at her blog in conjunction with Father's Day! It's really simple to join, actually!

So this is what the contest is all about. As a person residing on Earth, what would be the legacy that you would want to leave behind.

Easy right?? All you have to do is write a post regarding YOUR LEGACY! Just remember to link back to her contest post, blog and once done, inform her of your post and leave the URL in the comment section!

Contest is open to all Malaysians (and those who will be able to use the RM50 Parkson voucher!)

ihikhik But hurry, contest ends on June 14th 2008. So get posting now!!

Remember me this way...

I turned 25 last month.

19th May to be exact. A quarter of a century has gone by.. so fast.. so soon. It got me thinking, what have I learned and become - for that quarter of a century? Obviously, I've become a mom of two amazing children - and loving it!

What else??

I've learned that making money through blogging is really do-able! I've learned that I'm addicted to blogging but I feel like I need more that 24 hours in a day for me to get things really organized!

I've also learned that there's about 1001 uses of vinegar that come in real handy! Like unclogging the sink, making fresh flowers live longer, remove water mark stains on the table, using it as disinfectant for the rubbish bin, etc.. I've also found out one of the most amazing remedies for treating diaper rash! ihikhik

During my stint in MAS, I have had the greatest pleasure to meet (more like escorted - hahaha!) world leaders during the 2003 OIC convention, which is an experience that I'll never ever forget. Timor Leste's then president - Xanana Gusmao (OMG! SO GOOD LOOKING!! malu ), President of Afghanistan - Hamid Karzai, President of Philippines - Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and their then Foreign Minister - the late Blas Ople, and many others including most of Malaysian ministers. gile I was totally starstruck..

Anyways, these past few years, I've learned how to become a better daughter, better sister, better mother, better wife, better friend.. I've learned from my mistakes and it taught me to become stronger and brave, I've learned to be more honest with people and stand up for myself, I've learned to cope with my father's death despite missing him like crazy especially during the times when I need a sounding board from a male's perspective.

Even though I have yet to complete my studies.. but my life isn't over yet!

God willing, I will be able to climb Mt. Kinabalu once and for all, bungee jump from the cliffs of New Zealand with Syura, salsa-ing at the Rio De Janeiro festival, jet-setting all around the world with my family, having the power to make a difference in someone's life.. anyone!

That's what I want from life.. I want to BE great, LOVE freely, LIVE happily, HELP sincerely and unconditionally.. I don't just want to exist in this world.. I want to live. My legacy? Just living as ME.

So when I leave this world one day, I'll be able to meet my late father and late grandma and tell them that I did listen. I did learn.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Do your bidding!

Have any of you ever participated in an auction before?? I've had the chance to follow my mom once for a carpet auction.. and it really was interesting.. As most of you know, auctions start with the lowest bid, and builds up until the highest bid is made.. Therefore the purchase goes to the highest bidder.

I don't know about you guys, but I don't have the means to participate in auctions. What I do have the means for is, participating in a game that gives cash prizes and free gifts by having the lowest and unique bid! It's sooo fun and totally easy to do. Instead of like an auction where you purchase things by having the highest bid, you get to enter this sweepstake by doing the total opposite. Just enter the lowest and most unique bid that you can come up with.

The amount that you bid is just a number to determine the winner. It's not like you have to pay a cent! That's the fun part! And the prizes are just to die for! Apple I-phones, Designer bags, HDTV and much more.. Cool, huh? I'm totally gonna do my bidding! :)
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