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Monday, December 2, 2013

RIP Paul Walker

Image credit: AskMen

RIP Paul Walker. So tragic. I came as a shock because I had just watched Fast and Furious 6 just a couple of days before this happened. Feel sad for his daughter. :( It makes you realize that your life can just end in the blink of an eye. Tell your loved ones you love them every day and never part with an angry note.

"Laugh when you can, apologize when you should and let go of things you can't change"

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Take A Moment for Prayers..

It's Sunday.. not only is it the final day of the week but also the final day for the month of February. 2 full months have passed for the month of 2010 and there have been a lot to be happy about, I'm sure, but also much to be devastated about.

With the devastation this year in Haiti and now Chile, I hope that everyone take a moment to send a prayer for those involved and those who lost their lives and families. Let's also take the time to thank God and be grateful for our blessings and for the miracle that we survived another day.

It's been quite a tremulous start this year but here's to hoping for better days in the coming months for everyone around the world!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gone Too Soon..

I had a dream of my darling nephew last night and I woke up hit with grief.. I felt like I lost him all over again.

I miss him so so much and he will forever remain in my heart and mind.. Love you, Danial..

Like A Comet
Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky
Gone Too Soon

Like A Rainbow
Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye
Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly
And Splendidly Bright
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like The Loss Of Sunlight
On A Cloudy Afternoon
Gone Too Soon

Like A Castle
Built Upon A Sandy Beach
Gone Too Soon

Like A Perfect Flower
That Is Just Beyond Your Reach
Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like A Sunset
Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye King of Pop!!*

When I woke up this morning I never expected to learn about the news of Michael Jackson's death. It was so devastating to learn of the news.

I think I knew the songs to Jackson 5's ABC/123 before I actually learned my alphabets. Seriously. My parents bought the albums when we first moved to U.S. and I was 2 then.. Ever since, I grew up listening to the rest of MJ's albums.. and I knew this man was different. He was a legendary Music GOD! All those dance moves you see today, is what MJ made it to be. I still believe that he did that "Smooth Criminal" move without help! LOL!

Anyways, here's among one of my fave music video of MJ's..

Read here for another tribute I wrote up for Michael Jackson.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bernie Mac leaves us.. RIP.

I just learned about the death of one of my favourite comedians, Bernie Mac just a while ago. It really comes as a shock to me.. sedih Apparently, the actor-comedian died today, August 9th 2008, one week after being hospitalized for pneumonia. He was 50. Back in 2005, he was diagnosed with scardiosis which may also lead to death.

I personally think that he's among one of the most hilarious African-American actor-comedian.. I loved him in "Guess Who" where he acted in a romantic comedy with Ashton Kutcher, loved his short stint as "Bobby Bolivia" in "Transformers".. he was also in "Charlie's Angels", "Ocean's Eleven", "Ocean's Twelve" and "Ocean's Thirteen"..

sighHe will be sorely missed by legions of fans across the world. May he rest in peace.

*More details/reports regarding his death here.
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