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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Big Bully

Remember a couple of months ago when I tweeted and wrote on my Facebook about my 8 year old son being bullied? Well, apparently he was bullied by 2 kids who were from the same school bus. One was his own classmate and the other was a boy in Standard 5.

Not only did one boy punch his stomach, they also ripped his art file together with the whole semester's worth of art work. My son was more distraught over his art than him being physically attacked.

Anyways, up until today, I am pretty disappointed with the school for not even punishing the bullies properly nor did they contact the students' parents and discuss the situation with them. Bullies are just everywhere nowadays. Just today, I saw the news that a boy had his hearing impaired when a senior at his school slapped him on the side of his face with so much force that it burst his eardrums.

The situation with bullies at schools nowadays is really getting way out of hand. Kids at such a young age already show so much uncontrollable rage and dominance over younger kids. I think schools nowadays should have harsher and more severe punishments on students that just warnings and counseling.

Hopefully, being a member of the PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) at my son's school, will give me a chance to change some things at the school. I try to remain optimistic, but knowing our education system, it's just hard.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I was browsing through some online college applications recently and I found a course that I wanted to take which only takes 18 months to complete. I'm sure you're wondering what it might be, but I don't want to jinx it by saying anything more. However, it's not an online degree, which means I have to be a full time student once again.. and THAT, I am definitely nervous about.

If all things go as planned, I might try for the January 2011 intake. However, if things DON'T go as planned, I might have to go and pursue another direction.. Beauty school perhaps.. Regency Beauty Institute is a highly esteemed beauty school and they recently opened a beauty school in Wichita but it's highly unlikely that I'll go THAT far across the world just to attend beauty school. Although if I were serious about a career in beauty care, it might just be worth it.

Anyways, back to my course of choice, the more I think of it, the more nervous I get. The more nervous I get, the more I talk myself out of it.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Studying Online!

It's no big secret that I would like to continue my studies someday. I just can't imagine seeing myself going off to class while leaving my kids at the hands of a babysitter.. or shall I say, a stranger. I know I've still got the mind for studying and I want to complete it while my brain hasn't gone to mush yet.

I've been seriously considering opting for a university online instead. Capella University for example is one of the highest accredited online universities and is a s a leading provider of master’s and PhD degrees for working adults. After much digging around, it seems that Capella University offers so many great courses for undergraduates and post graduates. Among the courses being offered are: education, business, information technology,human services, psychology, public safety and public health while the bachelor’s degree programs offer courses in business, information technology, and public safety.

So as a stay-at-home mom I think that's just one of the most logical ways for me to go about pursuing my education. What do you think? Is it better to enroll myself in a university or just an online university? Share your thoughts!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back to school!

Hmm.. I was wondering.. Since the kids are getting bigger, I'm thinking that I would be having quite an amount of free time on my hands. I've always wanted to go back to school above everything else. But still, at the same time, I can't imagine physically going back to uni and do the whole student thing.

Not that I have anything against it or anything, but I guess that because I'm so used to having my sights on the kids all the time, I just might opt for one of those online colleges. Besides, distance learning is what most people are doing nowadays. Due to their hectic job schedules, it's almost impossible to fit in the time to go back to uni to complete their higher education.

An online university like Capella University (also targeted towards masters and PhDs) is becoming increasingly popular. Not only are their degrees recognized pretty much everywhere, the programmes that they offer are really interesting and vast as well. I guess if I ever want to pull this off, I would definitely keep this online university in mind!

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