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Monday, November 19, 2012

Jeremy Renner on Saturday Night Live

I never really thought much of Jeremy Renner. Even after he made it big in Hurt Locker and even as Hawkeye in The Avengers. I just didn't really think much of him as an actor. Until I watched Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. Yeah, yeah, I know the movie came out way before The Avengers but I only just watched it recently and heyyy, that Renner has a nice ass. Remember this scene?

They showed an aerial view of his ass and yeah, that caught my attention. LOL! Anyways, I went for a checkup recently at the doctor's, and they were airing the trailer to next year's Hansel and Gretel starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton. I kinda dug it. I can't wait to check it out!

So here's his promo for hosting Saturday Night Live and NOW I am beginning to see his appeal.

In last Saturday's show, Renner even spoofed "The Avengers" together with fake Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, and Captain America. Renner's Hawkeye tried to fight aliens with what's left of them.

"Hawkeye, it's time to do your thing!" Captain America took command. Hawkeye replied, "I'm out of arrows! ... I'm all out of arrows. I don't have anymore. So I guess I'm done, right? I'll be in the car. Stay safe!" Hawkeye then prepared to leave when America stopped him. "Hawkeye, you're leaving?" the Captain said in disbelief. Hawkeye said, "Well, yeah, I need my arrows. It's kind of my thing, right? I mean, you guys got this, right?"

Curious, Black Widow asked, "How many arrows did you bring?" Hawkeye said, "All of them, like 11." And when America pointed out that there were 100,000 aliens out there, Hawkeye calmly said, "Yeah, and I killed 11 of them. You're welcome!"

LOL!! Hilarious! Can't wait to see SNL! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Music Video: Baru - Estranged

As you can see from the lack of posts here on my blog, I have hardly been online lately.. But when I finally got around to going online, I was thrilled to know that the music video for Estranged's latest single, Baru, is already out. I really couldn't wait to see the outcome of the video since Bella and I "busy-bodied" ourselves behind the scenes of the 2nd day of the video shoot.

The song has cool written all over it and I dig it. A lot. There just aren't many local bands as good as Estranged. So check out the music video for Baru by Estranged:

I gotta say though, I would be a helluva lot less calm than that if my bag was snatched. Just sayin'.

The music video was directed by Nadia Hamzah from Wayang Works.

Nadia Hamzah

She's young and amazing. As is Mo. Adam Sinclair was also on hand to assist the directing of the music video. Director of Photography was done by Wan Chun Hung, who, if you must know, was DOP for the film Seru. The lead stars in the music video is Omar Yunus, a newcomer and actress Tunku Norhanis.  
Tunku Norhanis and Omar Yunus on set

Hanafi, Din, Rich and Andy were all awesome guys and my deepest thanks to the band for indulging us and our  inane conversations and questions. Especially crazy ones like me asking Andy for his Foo Fighters tee (as seen in video). Yes, I am not ashamed to take a shirt off of someone else's back. But of course Andy didn't give it to me. I wouldn't give it to me. You know, if I were him. But, it was worth a shot.  Haha. My mom always says, "Ask and you shall be given". It didn't work this time, but hey.. can't blame me for trying.

Estranged getting ready to rock it out on Carrefour rooftop
ANYWAYS, I had a lot of fun with Bella on that set thanks to the crew. We were fed, we were plied with drinks the whole evening, we were entertained... at a rooftop no less and it was my first time being behind the scenes of any shoot. I had a pretty good time.

Yours truly and Bella with the band

Thanks Levis for the opportunity.. especially to Paolo and Carmen.

Also lots of thanks to Afiq and Azzad (the biker guy in the video) for being so hilarious and entertaining. Thanks to Fadhil and Teoh (who I call Steve, coz he looks like a Steve -- suka suki je tukar nama orang) for the pictures and videos taken on set.

Lots of fun. Hope to do it again. Hear that, Estranged? Call us. I'm dead serious, yo. Haha.

p/s: All photos taken by Bella Enveeus and check out more photos of what went down behind the scenes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Behind The Scenes of Aladdin the Musical @ Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre

Aladdin -- The story of a boy dubbed “the diamond in the rough” winning his way to the princess's heart through sheer courage, bravery, charm (and not to mention a little help from a lovable genie) is definitely a classic favourite with my family.. and I'm sure with many of you out there.

Thanks to Sunway Lagoon and West End Productions, Aladdin the Musical will be showing on our shores this 25th November 2011 until 2nd January 2011!

Last Saturday, yours truly was invited to join other bloggers and members of the media and publications to get a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes of Aladdin the Musical! There were about 20-30 people this time around, which was more than half the amount of people who attend behind the scenes of Magical Musicals. Was a bit sad not to see Lily, Sherlynn, Camie, Diese, Devi, Serge and Merryn this time around.

Bloggers together with members of media and publications.

We were greeted at the entrance by Mr. Loke Kah Peng, PR Manager of Sunway Lagoon and was brought to the amphitheatre's studio where we were greeted warmly by the musical director, Chris Colby and choreographer, David Kort. We were then introduced to the 6 main principal actors from the West End Production as well as the rest of the cast and dancers.

Chris Colby (left) and David Kort (right)
The show begins with the "Slave of the Ring" 
Joshua Tonks plays the role of Aladdin. 
Peter Jamieson as the Sultan and Nikki Mae as Princess Jasmine
Michael Morgan plays the evil Jafar
Gareth Heesom as Genie
Joshua and Gareth as Aladdin and Genie rehearsing a scene from Act 1
Josh and Nikki as the lovable Aladdin and Princess Jasmine
The rest of the dancers
See any familiar faces?

For those of you who attended Peter Pan the Musical and Magical Musicals, you'll be thrilled to see the familiar faces of Michael Morgan, who played Captain Hook in Peter Pan as well as Peter Ball Jamieson who played Smee. Not forgetting Gareth Heesom who was also in Magical Musicals. 

We were treated to a sneak peek of Act 1 and Act 2 and since my readers couldn't come with me, I decided to bring back a special sneak peek for you guys! :)

Mr. Aaron Soo, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Lagoon Sdn Bhd was also on hand that day to talk and brief us of what to expect for this upcoming musical and let me tell you, you will be blown away with the whole production! This musical will boast a couple of firsts for live theatre productions in Malaysia.

Mr. Aaron Soo, CEO of Sunway Lagoon Sdn. Bhd

1) It will be the first live theatre show in Malaysia with a horde of live animals on stage. *cue chicken, duck and goat sounds*

See the goats and parrots come for rehearsals? 
2) It will be the first live theatre show in Malaysia that features a zip line from the top back of the amphitheatre all the way to the stage.
3) It will be the first live theatre show with 3D effects!!!

Yes, Aladdin the Musical has 3D effects in store for you!! Isn't that exciting?? (3D glasses will be provided).

Talking to Chris Colby regarding the musical, he explained to me that although Beauty and the Beast was strongly favoured to be featured here in Malaysia, the reason that they decided to go ahead with Aladdin was because it has an amazing storyline and shares similar elements and fit well with the beauty, nature, surroundings and culture of Malaysia! Meanwhile according to David Kort, although Aladdin is set in the Middle East, you can expect the dances featured in the musical to be a range from ballet to modern dance. So there's definitely something for everyone!!

Khairul Nizar and team, who did the stage design for Magical Musicals outdid himself on the stage design for Aladdin the Musical. Check out the amazing stage!

Director Chris Colby showing the "Cave"
Isaac graciously posing for me
Princess Jasmine in her full costume joins us on stage
Here comes Aladdin in his full costume
The gorgeous couple on the balcony
However, for those of you expecting a direct adaptation of Disney's Aladdin, let me tell you right here and now that this West End Production of Aladdin the Musical will be putting a modern twist to the story we know and love and will have different elements and angles from the 1992 Disney version. So don't expect to see the little cheeky Abu jumping up and down the stage. But don't fret! It will still be as awesome, fun-filled and just a refreshing change.

As for musical choices, only one song from the 1992 Disney version will be adapted into the musical. I'm sure everyone can guess what song that will be, right?? :) Here's an exclusive sneak peek of "that particular number"!

Okay, that's it, people! That was just a little something something to whet your appetite! I'm not going to give too much away! Want more? Book yourself some tickets to the show!!

And if those behind the scenes videos and pics haven't enticed you enough, then perhaps the cute Joshua Tonks who plays Aladdin will be able to entice you guys to come to the event! Here's a special message that he left exclusively for my readers out there.

Excuse the background noise -- everyone was busy interviewing the cast. Btw, for all of you who want to know more on Josh, you can follow him on Twitter.. and FYI, his favourite musical is Spring Awakening! ;) 

L-R: Michael Morgan, yours truly, Peter Jamieson and Chris Colby
Me and the wonderful Peter Jamieson! He's such a darling! 

Special thanks to Mr. Aaron Soo, Chris Colby, David Kort, West End Production cast and crew, Sunway Lagoon crew, Mr. Loke Kah Peng, Pat from Avante, Michael from AMBP for having us there that day. It was a great experience as always and it was total fun to be surrounded by familiar bloggers like Bella, Caroline and Isaac as well as making new friends. Thanks also to Lighthouse Sunway Lagoon for providing the refreshments. Great way to end an awesome day!

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine with little ol' me!
Note from Mr. Aaron Soo: It is not advisable for children under 3 years to attend the musical. I'm sure parents can understand how crying babies can make the whole experience less enjoyable for others. DSLRs, on the other hand, are ALLOWED in the amphitheatre.

I hope to see you guys at Aladdin the Musical. Click the following link for more info on where to get tickets, ticket prices and seating chart. See you there!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adele - 21

Adele is one of the best singers these days in terms of voice and songs (lyrically and rhythmically). Born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, this singer-songwriter is someone I've always adored and have featured her quite a number of times on my favorite music meme, Music Monday.

I think the first time I heard Adele was in 2008 or 2009 with her song Chasing Pavements, from her album 19. I was practically ADDICTED to her songs and her voice! She also did a beautiful remake of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" which I think beats a lot of other versions out there.

In January 2011, Adele released her second album, in the UK and I just have to say, her CD is definitely worth buying!

This album shows a slightly different direction musically compared to her debut album. It still has the Motown and folk sound but also incorporates some country, pop and R&B into it as well. Her song "Someone Like You"  is probably the most played song on my iTunes since January. I loooove it so much although I could NOT exactly relate to "feeling heartbroken about an old flame marrying another". LOL!

However, that's what one should expect from the album 21. It's dubbed a break-up album, with the majority of the songs focusing on aspects of the singer's most recently ended relationship. Adele's first single from the album, "Rolling In The Deep" is rocketing it's way through the charts and blasting it's way through our radio airwaves! I'm definitely loving it! If you haven't checked out the music wonder that is Adele, check her out! ENJOY!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Watch The Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton (LIVE)

It's the 29th of April!! :)

I know that a lot of us "normal people" will be anxiously waiting for the live coverage of the Royal Wedding. There are some people who even took the day off work to be able to catch the live coverage. Yet, I know a lot of people who also don't give two hoots about the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Some people just don't get the whole hoopla about this royal wedding. I don't know what's to get. It's Prince William!! He's a prince!! An ACTUAL prince!! LOL! He's the late Princess Diana's shy son that we all loved to see as that 10 year old boy with the shy side glance when he was photographed with his mother. He's the heir to the throne. Prince William will one day be King of England and Kate Middleton will be his Queen.

I think that's rather exciting. It's not like it's a normal celebrity's wedding. Besides, my late grandma was a total "royalist". She loooooooooved everything about the royal family. We grew up listening to stories of the royal family.. until my sister actually thought we were related to them! LOL! My grandmother was pretty "obsessed", I might say. She can recite the whole royal family tree and stuff. From the cousins, to the second cousins to the in-laws. She knew a lot about the Royal Family. To quote my sister, "I hope they have cable in Heaven".

A lot of people have been comparing this wedding to the wedding of the late Prince Charles and Princess Diana but that's just what the media does best and I guess people just can't help but compare. I just think it's gonna be different since Prince Charles is the direct heir to the throne so obviously, it would be a grander and more elaborate affair.. although not by much, I believe. It is said that Kate's wedding dress will only have 10-foot train as compared to Princess Diana's 25-foot train! Which I think was the wedding dress of the century!

I can't wait to see them leaving Westminster Abbey in the carriage that Prince Williams' parents used during their wedding.. that carriage is over 100 years old.. it was made in 1902!

Anyways, for those of you that are interested, you can watch the live coverage on Astro:

CNN (Channel 511): From 2pm
ntv7 (Channel 107): 3.30pm-8.30pm
ITV Granada (Channel 735): From 3.30pm
E! Entertainment (Channel 712): 4pm-9pm
BBC News (Channel 512): From 4.30pm
TLC (Channel 707): 5pm-10pm

Or for those who have HyppTv, you can watch it on BBC Knowledge from 3pm-8pm. (All times are based on Malaysian time)!

For those who want to watch it online, you might try LiveStream or! Enjoy!! I know I definitely will!! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catching Up

Besides catching up on my favourite crime dramas this past week, I have also been catching up on other favourite TV series that have come back on air after their hiatus. The Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives, Cougar Town, Glee, Grey's Anatomy.. (great to see my favourite on screen doctors back in their medical uniforms!)

However, I haven't been going to the movies lately and I'm pretty bummed about that. The last movie I watched was back in December -- Gulliver's Travels which wasn't exactly best movie material. I won 4 tickets from TimeOutKL for Season of the Witch that I didn't make use of because of the timing. I mean with the terms, I can't see how anyone can make use of it. Only applicable from Mon-Fri and for shows BEFORE 5pm. Wow. How can working people actually make use of that eh?

I'm not complaining, though. I know I'm blessed to be able to win anything at all..

How about you guys? Any movies that you've watched recently? All my must see movies will be playing this February.. Black Swan, 127 Hours, I Am Number Four.. Too bad they're not playing The King's Speech anytime soon, though.

Crime Dramas!

It's been almost a week since my last post.. I guess being honest about myself really took a toll on me. LOL!

Nah, I'm just kidding.. Actually, I was too busy getting glued to my TV and catching up with my favourite TV shows. I've been watching a lot of "crime dramas" lately. Like NCIS, Bones, Criminal Minds, CSI, Lie To Me, The Unit.. It seriously makes me believe I can be a profiler or a criminal scene investigator or something.

Cast of Criminal Minds
Watching these shows creep me out sometimes. Like it makes me feel paranoid about the safety of my home and makes me wanna get one of those smart home systems. But sometimes these shows also crack me up. Like how the killer is the person you think it is at the beginning of the show and the writers go out of their way to make it seem like it isn't but actually is. LOL!

Which crime drama is YOUR fave and who is your fave character? I love Bones, Criminal Minds and NCIS.. and even my kids know who my fave character is. They'll yell out "Mommy's boyfriend!!" every time he's on.. Yes, that's my man.. Shemar Moore.. or Special Agent Derek Morgan as he's known on Criminal Minds! *swoon* LOVES! :D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grey's Anatomy Marathon

The past week, I have been busy helping my brother and his fiancee planning a wedding, attending friends' weddings (I've attended 2.. and have 3 more to go to in the next month), catching up with my girlfriends, attending the launch of the new Tony Roma outlet at Yap Kwan Seng (more on that, later) and MORE. All this while trying to be a good wife and mother.. cooking and maintaining a clean house.

During what little downtime I have, I avoid going online because I need to unwind.. and not get wound up. Yes, I can get annoyed by nonsense FB status updates or tweets. So, what do I do??

I unwind by re-watching the whole Grey's Anatomy series starting from Season 1!!

I forgot how funny Episode 8 of Season 1 - Save Me was! It was the episode where George got an STD from nurse Olivia who actually got it from Alex Karev. So funny how George had to try his best to go around asking for a consult without having others know.. I love the series, so if you have no idea what I'm blabbing about, just skip it okay. Meanwhile, guys and girls, if you find yourself in such a situation, you might want to read the article on natural cures for herpes.

I am actually just finishing up Season 2 and starting with Season 3 right now.. So, don't be surprised if I'm away too long from my blog!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Man Vs. Food!

Man Vs. Food is among one of my favorite reality series on Travel and Living. The show follows host Adam Richman on his quest on exploring the "big food" offerings of a different American city before facing off against a pre-existing eating challenge at a local restaurant.

And it's not only the size of the portions that matter here.. but the taste and the fame that goes with each place is just a wonderful and salivating journey for the viewers.

But when it comes to the challenges.. Adam Richman is a GLUTTON! Man this guy could eat WALLOP FOOD like no other!! Milkshakes and fries, though, are just not his forte! He lost once in  a milkshake challenge in St. Louis and on the previous episode that I watched this week which involved a 6 lbs (2.7kg) "Colossal" milkshake and 1.5 lbs of "Colossal" cold cut sandwich that needed to be finished in an hour..  well, he almost caved on that challenge too!

Anyways, if I were Adam Richman, I'd definitely read up on colonix reviews 'coz he needs some serious colon cleansing what with eating all that meat! Okay, not just the meat.. but ALL THAT FOOD!

But it's still just an absolutely amazing show to watch! Guys would love this show.. I know my brother just loves it! Food and competition! What more can u ask for, right? Check this out when you can! Travel and Living is currently airing Season 2 of Man Vs. Food with new episodes every Wednesdays at 9pm (Malaysia).

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