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Friday, June 28, 2013

Haze No More

So now that the haze is gone, what are y'all gonna do with the 5 billion masks that you all bought? Maybe make your baju raya out of it? Hehehe. I'm still using my mask because I'm still not well. I'm barely recovered from a fever, flu and cough so instead of making you all suffer with my unmasked germs, I am doing you all a fever and not spread my germs any further.

As for the kids, I'll just let them play Mask of Zorro every day for the next 30 years? :)

I'm glad the haze is gone, though.

Mom's Advice

Ever since I moved here, I talk to my mom on a regular basis. Either I call her or we Whatsapp each other.. and usually she does what moms normally do. Give sage advice and reminders to pray, stay healthy and be safe. My mom is so worried about city life that she always sends emails regarding kidnapping stories or mugging stories or robbery stories that tend to make me even more paranoid than I normally am.

The thing is, I told her, bad things can happen anywhere and anytime. Someone I know refuses to travel because every place in the world is unsafe and full of people shooting each other. You can't stop it if God wills it. But you can always take preventive measures to stay safe. Like equip yourself with pepper spray and always be alert. Don't walk around with your earphones on. Or text when you're walking in the carpark.

But I guess the best thing to do is, just listen to your mom. If she's worried, then do your utmost best to assuage her fears, even if it means buying batons and keeping them in the car or house. I used to have a baseball bat in my room. But since it would harm me more than I could do harm with it, my brother took it back.

So wherever you are, readers... Pray, stay healthy and be safe! ;)

Little Miss Piggies

It's been so long since I blogged here. I used to blog about every single event that happened to me. Last time when something happened, I'll say "I need to blog about this" then it later turned to "I need to tweet about this" and now, it's turned into "I need to... ahh, who cares?" and don't blog or tweet about it. I think I'm just too tired of social media networks.

I'm very much active on Instagram though. But that's only because I'm addicted to Photo-A-Day challenges though. :) Plus, it helps me learn about photography even more.

ANYWAYS, I was looking at my sister's guinea pigs and thought, these guys would have made it to my blog long time ago if I were still an actively active blogger. But poor things haven't even made it to the front page. So, just for the sake of updating my blog, I decided it's high time I featured our latest additions of our family members. Here are the 5 girlies at home (yes, they're all girls) mostly Americana breed guinea pigs. There's Lucy, Tammy, Mama Tow, Piggy and Kubis. Cute little things.

By the way, if anyone out there knows where to get fleece, please let me know because they are really happy in fleece bedding. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Isn't She Lovely?

Syukur Alhamdulillah..

I am now an aunt to a perfectly healthy baby girl!! My sister-in-law who was due to give birth at the end of September has given birth a little earlier, on September 13th 2012, to give me a chance to see my little niece before I go back to KL this Sunday, 16th September.

Everyone has already fallen into her magical spell.. and at 2 days old, has everyone just hovering around her ready to drop everything for her needs. Thank goodness (for the sake of her parents) she's such a wonderful baby that rarely cries and just sleeps all day. Hopefully it'll stay that way! :) *crosses my fingers*

Anyways, here's a song dedication for my beautiful precious little niece.. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baby, Baby..

I am pretty stoked at the moment because before long I will be able to call myself a proud aunt!! :) My sister-in-law is due soon and I just hope that she gives birth before I go back to KL! Maybe there was a reason that I came back to KK for just a week, which has nothing to do with my own errands.

Anyways, if my husband was here, he'll definitely be breaking out his Cohiba cigars dominican that he keeps for special occasions (especially for the birth of babies). That's my husband, for you. Mr. Cigar collector.

But I don't know if my SIL will be going into labor anytime soon. Whatever and whenever it happens, I just pray and hope that everything will be smooth sailing when the time comes and that mommy and baby will be just fine. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Family Matters

Had a long talk with my mom yesterday. But that's usually the case. I can talk to my mom for hours and hours until she complains I'm gonna cost her a bomb when her phone bill comes out. Anyways, some updates on the family front..

My cousin's wedding date has been confirmed. She'll be married in November. That means I have to think of tailoring something to wear. Anyone knows a great tailor? That's doesn't cost me a hand and a leg and my firstborn? Seriously, the last time I made my outfit for my brother's wedding it cost a bomb and the tailoring wasn't up to my expectations.. especially after she charged us so much.

My sister brought her boyfriend home for the first time. My 18-yr old sister is the baby of the family. So everyone is super protective over her but she is also the one with the most boyfriends. She has a different boyfriend every year AND she dates people that we don't know at all. I mean my hometown is pretty small. Practically everyone knows everyone who knows someone. But my sister? She dates people we DON'T know at all. Not boys from her school. Not anybody we know. And we know a lot of people. Sometimes I feel like doing criminal background checks on the guys she dates.

So anyways, this is the first time she has asked for permission to invite her boyfriend for dinner. Gutsy.. considering my brothers and their separate tempers. But apparently, he was allowed to come over and they like him. I so gotta meet this guy.

Hmm.. what else. Oh there is some big news!! But I can't share it here without consulting the "related parties" first. :) heheeh stay tuned.

But seriously, I miss my mommy.

And my sister, sister-in-law, and my brothers. I think I'm beginning to feel homesick.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Silly Sisters

My sister tagged me on Facebook of this picture that my mom took of all of us sisters (L-R: My eldest sister, my younger sister, yours truly and my sister-in-law).

I had a blast being around my family and my crazy funny sisters during the Raya hols and I miss them like crazy already! :(

I think we had more of a blast at Toys 'R' Us than my children. Haahaha!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Recap: Events, Family, Food and Love! Perfect!

Goodbye, April 2011... Hello, May!!

April was a good month and I hope that May proves to be a good month too, if not better!! :) I love May because it starts with a holiday and it's also my birthday month!! May 19th, people! Remember that!! The day awesome came into the world! HAHAHA!

1st Week of April. April started off kinda rocky -- the first Sunday of the month saw us spending it at the SDMC (formerly known as SJMC) Emergency room.. because Allie fell. Bye-bye $$$$. What money I had to make it up for my husband's forgotten birthday went to the emergency fund.

This is what her gash looks like now!
I also didn't get my mom a birthday present. Her birthday was on the 7th. She turned 55!! :)

Happy Birthday, Mom! 
2nd Week of April. As luck would've had it, my best guy friend, who's an engineer with a local oil and gas company gave me amazing F1 tickets! It was a 3-day pass for 2 people and I immediately jumped for joy!! I passed them on to the husband as a "I'm sorry I forgot your birthday!" gift. Besides, he's a huge F1 fan! :) So to you, "Anonymoose", if you're reading this, thank you AGAIN! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Of Mr. Sniffles and My Family

I took to my status in FB to announce that I'll be going back to my hometown again next week and the response was met with immediate "likes". Looks like my family and friends are happy that I'll be back in town during that time.

As much as I'm looking forward to going back home, I have to get all my meds ready for this trip. You see, my mom's house is air conditioned to boot and she doesn't have any ceiling fans which my nose and I are simply used to. I just hope Mr. Sniffles doesn't come around especially during the wedding prep and the wedding itself.

Other than that, I am counting the days to go back home.. my extended family will be coming from all over Sabah to converge at our place prior to the wedding and I am SUPER excited to be around my aunts, uncles and cousins! :D

This time, I will try my best to take more pictures of me and the family. I know most of you have been complaining that I don't supply you guys with lots of pics the last time I went back home. So here are a few pics taken during a tea break at Hyatt Regency KK..

This picture below was taken at the newly opened community project Perdana Park and there's my family enjoying the dancing fountain and colourful lights. Gorgeous park, I must say. So happy that KK peepz have a great place for them to maintain a healthy and great lifestyle.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Buddy's 2010 Sports Day

About 2 weeks ago, I attended my son's kindergarten sports day. Yeah, don't ask me why his sports day was held at the end of the school year rather than the beginning. Anyways, it was a fun affair attended by most of the parents. My husband took the day off of work to attend and my daughter, Allie, was more than happy to cheer her big brother on..

I took some pictures to share with all of you and I'll just let them do the talking. Let the games begin!!

Getting ready to begin. 

Marching to "Duke of York"

So proud of my son for being able to memorize and give a beautiful welcoming speech.

Performing a little dance routine

And let the games begin! 

Buddy in the gunny sack team race.

Roll dough and cut out a cookie shape. 

Then run to the next station, blow the flour until it reveals the chocolate prize and grab it in the mouth.

Run the home stretch!

Buddy receiving his trophy from the principal.

Buddy and his friends ernjoying their win! 

We sure did have lots of fun.. I even participated in the parents gunny sack race and came in 3rd. LOL! Yeah, didn't want to embarrass my son by being over-competitive. Think "Monica" from tv series, Friends. Hahahaha.. The hubs also competed with other daddies in a blow-a-balloon-and-sit-on-it game! 

Allie a little annoyed and restless that she couldn't join the games. 

Although I'm not the type of parent that hovers over their kid with a towel and a tumbler in each hand like the coach in a corner of a boxing ring (like most parents that day), I do try to do my best to support and be there for my son. 

I hope one day my children will know how much I enjoy being their mother even if I do go a little berserk on them sometimes when they drive me up the wall... :-)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bye-Bye Pictures!

I am super bummed right now, because my phone's micro sd memory card somehow got erased, so that means I lost all the pics in my phone. I know my phone is no Blackberry or iPhone, and this is a hand-me-down from my husband, but still, losing ANY pictures at all is always so very frustrating. It sucks big time! :(

I mainly snap my children's silly antics on my phone.. so all their naughty-caught-in-action pics are gone!! :'( :'(

I was going through what I managed to transfer and here are only some of those that I found..

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

My kid sister will be sitting for her major exam soon.. basically it's considered her last and final exam before she graduates high school. Although she makes me feel unbearably old.. I am looking forward to her getting out of school.

(L-R) My older sister Syura, my baby sister Fai, yours truly)

I hope she'll spend some time here in KL with us after she finishes high school before she decides on where to further her studies. Selfishly, of course I'd prefer that she studies here, so that we can see each other more frequently and that would mean mom will be here all the time too. :)

However, I know my mom will be worried sick if she was here in KL.. Scared of her taking up with the wrong crowd and also scared that here in the city of steel buildings, all this pollution will cause her allergies to go berserk. I know mine, did!

But whatever their decision, the fact still remains, my baby sister is growing up!!! :( By the way, her 17th birthday is coming up on 21st of October. :) Anyone want to donate any gifts?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday Rara!!

I'm a tad bit late for Wordless Wednesday... but I still need to post it up! :D

A huge Happy Birthday shout out goes out to my one and only older sister, Syura.. :) No matter what, I've got your back and I know you've got mine! :) That what sisters are all about. Happy Birthday!! I hope you like your pressieee!! :D :D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Not-So-Baby Baby Sister

As of right this minute, I am chatting with my younger sister on MSN.. and she is asking me about ways to lose weight. She's really feeling pressured to lose weight because all her friends are SMALL. I don't remember having weight issues when I was her age, (she's 16 turning 17), but I do understand where she's coming from. It's only natural for any girl to feel like that at one point or another in her life.

But somehow, I know I don't have to worry about my sister.. She's going about losing weight the healthy way.. like jogging on alternate days and eating less carbs and she's not into starving herself and she's even opposed to taking natural diet pills unlike some of her friends.

So for my darling sister Seri, if you read this, you're beautiful as you are.. you don't need a size S dress to prove that.. and savor your youth.. don't grow up so fast! Love you loads!

p/s: She's the one in the middle. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gifts For Dad

Father's Day is less than a month away.. (20th June 2010) and here I am to remind all of you to include a Father's Day gift within your budgets. Father's Day isn't reserved only for your father, but for all the father figures in your life. For me, it's my brothers, my husband, my uncle..

Actually, I was packing some stuff the other day and I found the Father's Day card that I bought my dad the week before Father's Day.. the week he passed away. I thought I threw it away the last time I found it but apparently, I didn't. Father's Day holds a painful memory but it gets better with time.

This Father's day, I'm hoping to treat my husband to something special because he is a great father as well as a great husband and sometimes the children and I take that for granted. So, I hope I get lots of "kaching" to spend at! They have a great array of gifts for the men in your lives!

I know my husband will be delighted with these picks!

The Weston Leather Cigar case is perfect for him to store his cigars. This one retails at $59.95 (Yep, he's a cigar man!) But I love this Monogrammed Leather Watch Case as well.. My husband loves watches, and he has a couple in his collection and my mom has also given him one of my dad's old watches which he just absolutely loves! So this would be really great. The leather watch case retails at $49.95! It even has a plaque where you can have his initials engraved! Loves!

So, I'm thinking the leather watch case. What say you? 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Meet The Husband

A man of not many words, doesn't like his photograph being taken and yes.. he likes to make people think he's a total badass. My online friends call him J. His real name starts with A. Long story. Another time maybe.. Right now, I'm trying to be "wordless".. and failing miserably.

So yeah. That's him. My ♥.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sisters & Co.

I was talking to my sister last night and we were talking about the possibility of opening a business up when she's graduated from high school. Although I know she has college to think of, I'm still toying with the idea of creating a family business with my sisters. Of course, I've got to think of what our products will be and everything but it's really truly a dream of mine!

But for now, there's just simply loads more to learn, I can't turn into Richard Willich overnight after all!! I know there are ups and downs to businesses especially during these rough economic times, but we'll never know unless we try. Plus, I'm sure our brilliant minds put together would be able to create a brilliant idea too! ihikhik

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