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Thursday, September 5, 2013

FMSPhotoADay Day 5: Here Forever

Here. With my kids. Traveling between two homes. Forever. Paradise. :)

FMSPhotoADay Day 4: Alone

Alone against the backdrop of nature.

p/s: I don't know the photographer. LOL!

FMSPhotoADay Day 3: Lines

I think my baby niece Naeema looks splendidly adorable in her beautiful colourful line-patterned baju kurung.

FMSPhotoADay Day 2: My Name Begins With..

My name begins with N.. or S.. depends on how you call me.

Monday, September 2, 2013

FMSPhotoADay Day 1: Together

Day 1: Together

Here's a picture of my mom and 2 of my children together during the third day of Hari Raya. The kids miss their  Nana so much and they're begging me to bring them back to my mom's for my niece Naeema's 1st birthday. I really wish I could go, but... we'll see.

p/s: Until I get my phone back, I'll be posting my #fmsphotoaday prompts here on my blog. :)

FMS Photo a Day: September

To those of you who follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you would know that I have been playing this widely known photo-a-day challenge for a while now. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to finish off August because my phone has been out of order for a while now. I've sent it for repairs and it's back in working condition.. except.. it's back in my hometown. Since I haven't been back and I don't want my sister to post it over, it seems like I'll only be able to get my phone back when I go back there.

So, how do you play, you ask?

click to enlarge

So for this month, since I don't have a phone that connects me to Instagram, I might just follow and do the challenges on my blog instead. :) Here are the challenges for this month!

So, anyone interested in joining?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photo A Day Challenge

If you've been following me on Instagram (@nazshemah), you might have seen my #fmsphotoaday picture prompts and hashtags. If you're not on Instagram but follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you would know what I'm talking about too (since I link 'em together).

The photo challenge I'm doing is one of MANY out there on Instagram and there are different challenges from different users. I used to try to do it through Tumblr but I failed miserably. I guess it's just easier to do on Instagram. The one I'm currently doing is by @FatMumSlim, you can check her out here ( and it's a pretty cool way to practice my photo-taking skills.

If you're not familiar with a photo-a-day challenge, it just means you're given a prompt a day for the whole month and you have to just post a photo according to the theme of the prompt. For example, today's prompt was SOUND. So I posted this picture.

It's a picture of my brother's old guitar. It may not be a Fender Stratocaster but it sure does produce some sweet music.

See how simple it is? I would love to try to do the challenge on my blog, so my blog gets updated every single day, but that's just being too ambitious. But it would be good especially if I put my Canon 60D to good use instead of using my phone's camera.

But if you guys would like to join in on the fun, get your monthly prompts from FatMumSlim. You can do it via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or via blogging as well.

This month's prompts:

If my explanation is still confusing for you, check out the instructions here. Btw, shout out to Chantelle (FatMumSlim) on her bun in the oven! So precious!

So people, join in on the fun and you might even be inspired to set up your own challenge or make new friends or perhaps discover a new passion for photography.

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