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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Salesperson I am NOT!

While sitting here in Coffee Bean, I met one of my seniors from school and we got to talking and stuff and he ended up asking me if I was interested in working in sales. Out of all the jobs in the world I would never ever venture into sales. I'm more of a buyer than a seller! LOL!

I have terrible terrible sales skills and if I was on a sales job search then I would have to be really crazy! So I said no, I wasn't interested and let him know that if I knew anyone who would, I'd let him know. But never say never, right? Hahahaha..

But seriously, I just don't have the skills and heart for it. I am not aggresive and pushy.. instead, a pushover myself. Remember the time I was "forced" to buy an extra McD's sundae?

So yeah, sales is totally out for me but I wouldn't mind being a buyer. Personal shopper sounds super!! Anyone wanna recruit me????

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