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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcoming a New Year

We are just a few winks away from the year 2013! I am looking forward to ending the year on a happy note and can't wait to welcome the New Year with a lot of plans for myself as well as my family.

God willing, there will be plenty of changes for my family and I. Besides my sister getting married next year, my mom also wishes to do some minor renovations to the house. She would so love to redo her kitchen as well as her garden and my late dad's old study room. We have been going gaga over at Pinterest for ideas and inspirations for the "new look" we have planned.

I also just showed these really cute curved garden bench for my mom's garden and she loves it as well.

That is, if God willing, we will be able to make our dreams come true. We can only plan, the rest is up to God. :)

On another note, for Muslims around the world, our new year has already arrived! Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year in the Muslim calendar so I would like to wish everyone Salam Maal Hijrah to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

May Allah S.W.T. grant you abundance in health and wealth and bless you with goodness throughout the year. May we all strive to become better Muslims -- As a day ends, our life span decreases and so we shouldn't take life for granted and concentrate on doing more good deeds and ibadah in the future. :)

"Don't try to be better than someone else. Try to be better than who you were yesterday."

Friday, October 12, 2012

Back To My Hometown.. Again!

I am counting down to my trip back to KK this Sunday. For the past few months, that's all that I seem to be doing. I think this is my 3rd trip back to my hometown since Hari Raya. There's a lot that has to be done back in KK and I am ever so grateful that I get to use my husband's travel discounts so it doesn't actually hurt my finances whenever I go back. Praise!! LOL!

Plus, I can't wait to go back and see my little niece Naeema. She'll be exactly one month old when I go back to see her and I want her to get used to the face that's going to spoil her silly! She's such a pretty and good little baby.. she hardly ever cries, according to her parents. :)

But you know what I'll miss from KL?? I really good breakfast. KK might be known for it's gorgeous views and hospitality but food is not one of the things we are good at and the sooner KK-ians admit it, the better.. so someone can improve on that.

A simple breakfast like poori and apam manis is definitely not in the cards for you in KK.

So yeah, I will miss that part of KL when I'm back home. But hey, I am thankful and grateful that I do live in the best of both worlds! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

I can foresee that this year would require me to save up a lot! There are a lot of plans happening this year that I am excited about but it would also mean being on a stricter budget because a lot of moolah needs to go into making these plans happen and being a stay-at-home mom isn't exactly what you call landing the big bucks.

So, I am doing my best to search for extra ways to make income, some of which are a work in progress and some are just even more plans. Plus, having plans means you need to spend money to make more money.

Gosh, why does it have to be so hard sometimes? Is there a place that exists where I can go mining and dig me out some gold bars?? (Come on you can tell me, I won't tell anyone else! Sharing is caring, remember?) Although at this point of time, even if I get a smidge of silver, it'll be good enough!

Oh well, like they say, Get Rich or Die Tryin'!

My Ever Helpful Neighbour

What with all the gardening I have the husband has been doing, my nosy helpful neighbour has been giving us gardening pointers every chance she can get. Up to the point that I'll only get out to water my flowers when I know she's not around. She can be pretty in-your-face about it too.

There was once when she was telling me how I should use “rice water” (the first rinse of water I use to wash my rice) to water my plants instead of using plain water. As if I didn't know that already. The next thing she was telling me to use worm composters to help with fertilizing my plants. Sometimes I go all Ally McBeal and tell her “Lady, my plants are thriving for a reason and I don't need you and your worm poop to help” but I won't do that for real. Because that's just mean. Any advice is welcome advice, right? Sometimes you need to just be humble about it even if you do know what's best for you. And yeah, like I said, she's just being nosy helpful.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yay! Public Holiday!

Since tomorrow is a public holiday marking the installation of the new King (All Hail the King!), I have to say, that I am doing my best to be productive tomorrow. No more lazy days catching up on tv series. I'm determined to make full use of the day.

Fixing things that need to be fixed. Cleaning things that need to be cleaned (on top of my normal everyday chores). My wardrobe and the children's wardrobe needs some serious re-organizing. Put in new batteries in remote controls, toys, tools, etc. So I need to buy AA and AAA batteries (I don't think I have the need for an ls 14250 lithium battery, though). Old toys need to be boxed up and put away. Send things for recycling. Send old clothes for charity. I know I can do this on weekends, but weekends are my really lazy days. I don't even like cooking on weekends if I can help it. So it's gonna be a busy day tomorrow. I just hope I can get everything done.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Out of Ideas

I've got my friend's son's 1st birthday party to attend today and believe me you, that I have no idea what to get for her son. In her invite it says that her baby will be expecting presents no matter how big or small. When someone says they want a birthday present, I hit a dead end. I get stuck and rooted to the spot.

I remember my son's 1st birthday and he wasn't able to play or use 90% of the things he got. Perhaps I'll get my friend's son something cool to wear. But at this hour, the hubs isn't at home and I don't know if I've got time to go out and get something. Yeah, my bad. Leaving everything to the last minute.

I was googling the best children's birthday present and still got nowhere. In fact, one of the link even lead me here. I'm like, whaaa??

I really don't wanna show up to the birthday empty handed, though. That's just in bad taste, don'tcha think? The hubby isn't back yet and the party is at 3pm. You'd think a mother of two would be good at these things, right?? Wrong! Any ideas anyone?

Can't Wait To Go Back!

I think the reason I've sorta lost my blogging mojo is due to the fact that I haven't gone back to KK in a couple of months. Normally, by this time of the year, I would have gone back to my hometown at least 4 times already. This year so far, I've only been back twice.

I miss my mom, sisters and brothers. :( I hope my brother already has a PS3 move hooked up.. that would be a blast!! But then again, Buddy wouldn't want to come back to KL for sure.

I don't mind living in KL. I like it despite the haze and the absence of a beach. KL is home for me too and most of my friends are here. Come to think of it, I don't have that many friends back in KK. Hmm..

Anyways, I hope to go back sometime next month during Ramadhan.. and I can't wait! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Enough Rest

If anyone's been wondering where I am, my laptop has been acting up a little bit. So in a bid to save it from it's imminent demise, I decided to give it a long and deserved break from all the hard work I've been hammering out at it since I got it 4 years ago.

Now that it's rested well and long, I hope that it extended her life a bit somehow.

On another note, the husband, children and I are doing well. The past weekend saw me finally succumb to the fever that never got me. Remember when I said I was feeling sick-ish? Well, that time I managed to fight off the fever from getting to me, but I lost this weekend. Luckily, it didn't get me for long. I was only down for one day and then as suddenly as I got it, it was gone and I'm feeling great.

I just hope I don't get sick during the fasting month, next month. Insya-Allah, everything will be smooth sailing. I'm really looking forward to it. :)

I don't know whether I'll be back in KK during Hari Raya.. but you guys know me, right? I can't stay away from KK even if I tried. Haha! I also don't know whether we'll make it to my dad's kampung back in Sandakan or my uncle's place in Tawau this year or just stay in KK.

But if I'm in KK, I'll let you guys know so you can come over to my place during raya.. That's the beauty of Hari Raya.. you wanna come over.. then just come over. :) No invites needed. Although I did see some pretty invitations from Hahah.. but that's just too much, really.

Anyways, I will keep you guys updated on that. For now, I gotta go let my lappy rest again.

Keeping Dreams at Bay

These past few weeks, I have been trying diligently to change my sleeping hours from 11pm-6pm. Latest clock out time is 12.30am. I know to some, that's still pretty late.. but for me, who usually goes to bed around 3-4am and waking up at 6am.. that's considered pretty darn early.

Obviously, I do feel better about having enough sleep but what bothers me is that I wake up feeling so exhausted by my dreams. My dream are just so random and long and … unnecessary. In one dream, I actually dreamt I was one of those motorcycle gps dealers in Low Yat. What the hey, right?? Sooo random. I wonder if any of you can help keep dreams at bay. Meditation would probably be a start, don't you think? Well, at least that's what my common sense tells me.

I'm just so tired of these dreams. Literally.

Perhaps I just think too much. *sigh*

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey everyone!!

Just wanted to make a quick note to all my readers that I will be MIA for a while. I just have too much on my plate to concentrate on right now... and I don't mean literally. LOL! Not to forget the fact that I'm a little sick-ish right now.

So, just wanted to let you guys know that my giveaway is still on. To FoongPc, Caroline, Tekkaus and LadyJava, I promise promise promise to send your vouchers by this week. Last week was just unmanageable. If I can't even find the time to send out a tweet, that means I'm really really bz.

There are still a lot of vouchers to be given away so I might do that next week. I won't be giving away acid cigars cheap, but there will be plenty of food and beverage vouchers to give out. :) So stay tuned for that.

Will miss you all loads! :)

Till my next post,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Recap: Events, Family, Food and Love! Perfect!

Goodbye, April 2011... Hello, May!!

April was a good month and I hope that May proves to be a good month too, if not better!! :) I love May because it starts with a holiday and it's also my birthday month!! May 19th, people! Remember that!! The day awesome came into the world! HAHAHA!

1st Week of April. April started off kinda rocky -- the first Sunday of the month saw us spending it at the SDMC (formerly known as SJMC) Emergency room.. because Allie fell. Bye-bye $$$$. What money I had to make it up for my husband's forgotten birthday went to the emergency fund.

This is what her gash looks like now!
I also didn't get my mom a birthday present. Her birthday was on the 7th. She turned 55!! :)

Happy Birthday, Mom! 
2nd Week of April. As luck would've had it, my best guy friend, who's an engineer with a local oil and gas company gave me amazing F1 tickets! It was a 3-day pass for 2 people and I immediately jumped for joy!! I passed them on to the husband as a "I'm sorry I forgot your birthday!" gift. Besides, he's a huge F1 fan! :) So to you, "Anonymoose", if you're reading this, thank you AGAIN! :)


Quomodocunquize [KWOH-muh-doh-KUNG-kwyz] (v). : To make money by any means possible.

I seriously need to quomodocunquize if I really want to go on a vacation. There have been many plans to use my husband's annual benefit that he gets from his company (he's in the airline industry) that allows us to go (practically) anywhere we want. We still need to pay for airport tax and insurance, though.

I dream of going to Europe or South America but I would really settle going somewhere nearby. Since it's cheaper. I haven't been to many Asian countries yet and I think it would be nice to visit Thailand or Manila. I've been to Indonesia: Jakarta, Pekan, Bandung and Bali before so I would like to go somewhere I haven't been before.

Before I plan anything, though, I need to save up!! As I said before: QUOMODOCUNQUIZE! Asian trips cost much less so that's a plus. I heard a friend say that sports betting online is a fast way to make money. Too bad, I'm not a betting person. Nor do I know much about sports betting. I do understand, however, why sports betting rakes in the big bucks. There are hundreds of sports being played all year round. One must just know the sports betting tips and tricks.

Although I did say I want to make money by any means possible, betting or gambling is not an option. Honestly, I don't even know how to bet on sports even if I wanted to. LOL!

So if you have any ideas on how I can quomodocunquize, please let me know! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Of Mr. Sniffles and My Family

I took to my status in FB to announce that I'll be going back to my hometown again next week and the response was met with immediate "likes". Looks like my family and friends are happy that I'll be back in town during that time.

As much as I'm looking forward to going back home, I have to get all my meds ready for this trip. You see, my mom's house is air conditioned to boot and she doesn't have any ceiling fans which my nose and I are simply used to. I just hope Mr. Sniffles doesn't come around especially during the wedding prep and the wedding itself.

Other than that, I am counting the days to go back home.. my extended family will be coming from all over Sabah to converge at our place prior to the wedding and I am SUPER excited to be around my aunts, uncles and cousins! :D

This time, I will try my best to take more pictures of me and the family. I know most of you have been complaining that I don't supply you guys with lots of pics the last time I went back home. So here are a few pics taken during a tea break at Hyatt Regency KK..

This picture below was taken at the newly opened community project Perdana Park and there's my family enjoying the dancing fountain and colourful lights. Gorgeous park, I must say. So happy that KK peepz have a great place for them to maintain a healthy and great lifestyle.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mars and Venus

It's tough being a woman! Yet, nobody said it was easy in the first place. Note to self: I have to stop being so surprised when the thought comes into my mind next time.

Seriously, the amount of stress we put on ourselves regarding our weight, our wardrobe, and our health.. on top of trying to take care about everyone else around us. And those are only the menial things. I haven't even mentioned the whole "baby thing" yet.

As I mentioned before, my brother will be getting married next month and you all know I'm trying to drop a dress size, right? At the same time, I'm also trying to make sure my skin condition will be flawless during that time. I've been doing all the right things -- drinking loads of water, eating my vitamins and also googling for solutions for acne just in case.

Sometimes I just envy how men have it so easy.... It's okay, though.. once all this hoopla (my brother's wedding) is over and done with, I'm so gonna stick to this motto!

Thanks, Ellen!!

Saving UP!

Have you ever felt that every time you have a little money saved up, something comes along and you just absolutely have no other choice but to spend it? It hardly ever gets spent on that something you've been saving for.. like a vacation or a new phone or a new wardrobe.

Just like Carl and Ellie from UP. Remember? They never took that trip to Venezuela because their savings always end up being used for something "more important" at that time. That's EXACTLY how I feel right now.

Anyways, first of all, it was my kitchen sink. Luckily, the hubs is a handyman, but we still needed to spend on spare parts. Then, it was my gate grill. For some reason, they keyhole had some problems with it and it became faulty and anyone can use their key on it. DEFINITELY NOT SAFE. So we had to repair that as well.

The latest casualty is my husband's car. I don't know how it happened, and to be honest, I don't really wanna know, but the car's door is dented now and needs to be fixed. I'm thinking it was a self accident which is why we can't claim insurance because it definitely isn't listed in the car insurance quote thingy.

I don't have the fuzziest idea if we'll be able to take that family vacation this year.. something every single one of us is hoping for.. but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catching Up

Besides catching up on my favourite crime dramas this past week, I have also been catching up on other favourite TV series that have come back on air after their hiatus. The Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives, Cougar Town, Glee, Grey's Anatomy.. (great to see my favourite on screen doctors back in their medical uniforms!)

However, I haven't been going to the movies lately and I'm pretty bummed about that. The last movie I watched was back in December -- Gulliver's Travels which wasn't exactly best movie material. I won 4 tickets from TimeOutKL for Season of the Witch that I didn't make use of because of the timing. I mean with the terms, I can't see how anyone can make use of it. Only applicable from Mon-Fri and for shows BEFORE 5pm. Wow. How can working people actually make use of that eh?

I'm not complaining, though. I know I'm blessed to be able to win anything at all..

How about you guys? Any movies that you've watched recently? All my must see movies will be playing this February.. Black Swan, 127 Hours, I Am Number Four.. Too bad they're not playing The King's Speech anytime soon, though.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Change Is Good

"Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day."

We're already pretty much at the end of January! Wow! That went faster before I can say "Supercalifragilisticespialidocious!"

Reflecting back on the month of January.. I've gotta say, I am pretty proud of myself. This first month was a success in a way. My son started school and is enjoying himself so far. Despite waking up super early every single day and walking to school rain or shine, he has been such a trooper and I am soooo proud of him.

My sister and I have been busy this whole month of January with all sorts of plans for the coming months and let's pray that we all get to realize most of our plans for this year while taking a day at a time and enjoying all the beauty surrounding us.

Last 2010, although it was a great year for me -- attending events, winning stuff, making new friends, working out and getting back on the health track, finally feeling at ease living here in KL.. I can't say that I am proud of the way I behaved.

There were times that I've acted petty, negative, and downright bitchy in handling things and react badly to whatever people say. If I had to live my life on a speaker that everyone can hear, not only will I be ashamed, my family will be ashamed of me too.

It's so easy to throw yourself a pity party whenever you're down.. but I know now that being empowered is all about your attitude and how you react to things. You can either react poorly or take the high road and react rationally towards things that bother you. Actually, I look back and remember that most of the times, the times I felt bothered about people and things, were REALLY petty little stuff. ALL because I was acting based solely on MY ASSUMPTIONS.

(Well, you know what they say, when u ASSUME, you're just making an ASS out of U and ME)! Yes, I did make an ass out of you and me. A whole lot.

I really didn't give other people the benefit of the doubt before I judged them unworthy of my company. Yes, it's a shameful thing to say, but it's true.. that's what I did. Now, I'm owning up to it in hopes that I will continue to take responsibility for all the things that I said as well as the circumstances that came with it.

People say the older you get, the wiser you become. That is so untrue. True, you gain even more experiences but it doesn't necessarily mean you react wisely to it. Growing up, I have always been a positive person and I always look at the best in other people. That's why it's easy for me to make friends. I didn't like the person I became last year... it wasn't how I was raised.

Sometimes people can act defensive, righteous, holier than thou, high-handed and judgmental. It's bad to act that way towards strangers and even worse if they behave that way towards friends. We've all been there. We just either don't realize it, or we know it and don't care. I know it NOW and I DO care.

Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same.  ~Francesca Reigler

This past January, I have tried to change my way of thinking -- back to my old positive old self and it has been working tremendously. I am working hard at letting go of "negavibes" and all the baggage that comes with it, and it just feels soooo great. It's so exhausting being all sorts of negative. There's no need for hate -- there's too much hate going on in this world as it is. There's no need for negativity -- when have you ever seen anything good come out of it? I'm not saying that I'm immune to it, but I can see definitely see it coming and my attitude towards it have changed greatly.

You can never truly be happy if you carry so much of negativity in your life around. Relishing in other people's misfortune and jealous when others prosper? Throw out people from your lives you don't deem worthy of you? That's not happiness. I know so. Sure there are some people who you just can't get along with. Suffice it to separate and go your own way -- but just leave it at that with no need to hate on them. IF you've thrown so many people out of your life, you need to examine how can there be so many people who are wrong and only you are right?

 If there are any of you out there who feel the same way, who are tired of being negative, just look at your own attitude. Everything stems from your own attitude. Positivity or negativity alike.

Although I don't have much right now, my finances are not as I'd like it to be, I still find my life pretty  AMAZING. I'm happy. My relationships with other people are happier. For that, I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for God's graces. I've got to credit my family.. especially my MOM for getting me out of my "funk". She's one of the most positive thinkers I know and the wisest woman. Strong and gentle, honest and kind, funny and super smart. Love you, MOM!

Mom and I (I look a bit "surprised", yeah? LMAO!)

With this post, I hope you don't get me wrong. This is just a sincere attempt to share with my readers how I feel and how I'm trying to change for the better, in the hopes that you understand me better as well. Just when you think you know me, there are lots of things that you don't have any idea about me, either.

Last year I know I did act pretty BADLY. So to those who I've wronged, both online (Debbie, Ane, BellaLadyJavaMariucaMonicaFoongHaaziqCarolineMarvicBemSoulie) or offline friends, I sincerely apologize if there were times you felt I have been (insert word of choice here) -- whether intentionally or unintentionally.

With that, a round of CHEERS to the coming months of 2011 and let's pray for people around the world that aren't as fortunate and blessed as we are..

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.  ~Scott Hamilton

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Mode ON

Wow.. it feels so foreign to blog again.

I'd like to tell you guys that I've been away on a vacation and enjoying my spa weekend somewhere....

Unfortunately for me, that was not the case. Despite waking up at 6am daily, I find I don't have as much time now to go online. I feel that things are still the same, my workload is still the same, but life somehow is just not the same now. My priorities have certainly changed and blogging or going online has taken a backseat to everything else. As it should be...

But that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop blogging.. there will be sporadic updates (like this). As of this moment, I have lots of things to do.. things to do with my brother's upcoming wedding. I also haven't bought my flight tickets for my friend's wedding back in KK this February.

Argh! So many things to do, that I need a WireBind machine to compile all my to-do-lists. Also, did I tell you that I babysit these days? Yeah. I've got Buddy's classmate that I babysit regularly. So, that keeps me busy too.

Hope all this busy-ness brings me great business. :) KACHING! :D

See you guys when I see you! LOVES!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grey's Anatomy Marathon

The past week, I have been busy helping my brother and his fiancee planning a wedding, attending friends' weddings (I've attended 2.. and have 3 more to go to in the next month), catching up with my girlfriends, attending the launch of the new Tony Roma outlet at Yap Kwan Seng (more on that, later) and MORE. All this while trying to be a good wife and mother.. cooking and maintaining a clean house.

During what little downtime I have, I avoid going online because I need to unwind.. and not get wound up. Yes, I can get annoyed by nonsense FB status updates or tweets. So, what do I do??

I unwind by re-watching the whole Grey's Anatomy series starting from Season 1!!

I forgot how funny Episode 8 of Season 1 - Save Me was! It was the episode where George got an STD from nurse Olivia who actually got it from Alex Karev. So funny how George had to try his best to go around asking for a consult without having others know.. I love the series, so if you have no idea what I'm blabbing about, just skip it okay. Meanwhile, guys and girls, if you find yourself in such a situation, you might want to read the article on natural cures for herpes.

I am actually just finishing up Season 2 and starting with Season 3 right now.. So, don't be surprised if I'm away too long from my blog!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Holidays and Driving Lessons

I know for most schools, this week is the last week of school.. but for my son's school, they will be extending their school time for another week or two because of the many holidays they declared during Deepavali and Hari Raya Haji.

It doesn't really matter much because I've decided that I won't be going back to my hometown anyways. The thought of trying to get on an overbooked flight holds no appeal for me at all.. (The kids and I use staff travel benefits so we have to be on "standby") and school holidays are always incredibly overbooked.

So I think we'll just be staying here in KL and hope my mom and sister comes down over here after her major final high school exam! :D

By the way, I've been searching for this movie, Driving Lessons (starring Rupert Grint, Laura Linney and Julie Walters), and it made me get to thinking of taking my driver's license this school holidays.. (Yeah, yeah.. I don't have one.. what else is new?) just 'coz my son will be starting 1st grade next year and we have to walk further.. So if I could drive then I'll be able to "probably" borrow my sister's car to send him to school. That is, I have to make sure she has car insurance first.. hahaha I haven't seen any car insurance quotes lying around. But when you buy a car it comes together with insurance, right? Yes, I'm having a "blonde moment" because I know nothing when it comes to driving and cars. :P

Anyways, I know driving is essential and I know I have to take my license sooner or later for my own convenience.. and I've put it off for as long as I have. So maybe this is the time to finally get it over and done with!! :D So let's just wait and see, won't we! :)

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