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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sabah Railways Train Collides with Fuel Tanker Causing Explosions in Kota Kinabalu

A Sabah Railways train collided with an oil tanker triggering explosions along the Jalan Kepayan-Jalan Lintas junction right opposite the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) this evening.

Picture tweeted by Decipher_BKI

The collision, which happened around 5.35pm is rumoured to have claimed 21 lives as of this time (7.47pm) with dozens injured. There has been no confirmation whatsoever and we're waiting for more reports. I so hope that's not true. My mom called a few minutes ago to tell she was near the Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) and reported that ambulances are rolling in and said to hope for the best.

Please pray for my hometown.. please pray for the people of KK. This tragedy breaks my heart and my prayers go out to all affected. #PrayforKK hashtag has been trending on the Twitter timeline, so please continue to spread the news and prayers for everyone in KK..

Here's a video taken just minutes after the explosion.

Fire now spreading to the rest of the train carriages along the length of the railway.

For more info, please follow @SabahInfo or @KKCity on Twitter for more news and updates.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Take A Moment for Prayers..

It's Sunday.. not only is it the final day of the week but also the final day for the month of February. 2 full months have passed for the month of 2010 and there have been a lot to be happy about, I'm sure, but also much to be devastated about.

With the devastation this year in Haiti and now Chile, I hope that everyone take a moment to send a prayer for those involved and those who lost their lives and families. Let's also take the time to thank God and be grateful for our blessings and for the miracle that we survived another day.

It's been quite a tremulous start this year but here's to hoping for better days in the coming months for everyone around the world!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why so seriousss???

These undated booking mugs released by the Three Rivers Police Department show Spencer Taylor, 20, of Three Rivers, Mich. Police arrested Taylor who they say tried to steal posters and other items related to the new Batman movie from a cinema lobby while dressed up as the Joker.

Mohney says police officers who were dispatched early Sunday, July 27, 2008 to the Three Rivers 6 theater arrived to find employees restraining a man wearing a purple suit, a green wig and face paint in the style of Batman's nemesis in 'The Dark Knight.'

Hahahaa.. Did he seriously think he could get away with that??

**pic and report courtest of AP - Associated Press

Monday, November 12, 2007

What's on the news today?

What has our world turn into?? These were among 2 of the headlines on the News Straits Times that caught my eye today..

Accident victim robbed as he lay dying in car

SEREMBAN: The victim of a car accident in Seremban2 yesterday afternoon was robbed as he lay dying, pinned in the car.
Chong Seng Satt, 23, lost control of his car on a rough patch of road outside the Tesco Extra hypermarket about 1pm. The car spun several times before hitting a tree on the roadside, said a police spokesman.

His passenger Lim Kim Hwa, 26, died from head injuries as rescue workers tried to free him. Read more..

Thai crowned world's transsexual beauty queen

PATTAYA, Thailand, Sun.:

Dressed in a flowing yellow gown with matching earrings, a demure Thai business student wept and embraced her rivals after being crowned the world’s most beautiful transsexual.

Tanyarat Jirapatpakon was today named Miss International Queen of 2007, besting 23 stunning transsexuals who had come to the Thai beach resort of Pattaya from as far as Germany and Puerto Rico for a shot at the diamond crown.

The Thai’s extravagant yet elegant costumes and dedication to environmental causes helped carry the day, taking her past runners-up Aleika Barros of Brazil and Chanel Madrigal of the Philippines. Read more..

Authors note: Right now, I'm at a loss for words..

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Another case of Nurin Jazlin

KUALA LUMPUR: Another young child was sexually ravaged and murdered leaving her grief-stricken parents crying for justice.

Preeshena Varshiny, 9, was believed to have been raped, sodomised and thrown down from the balcony of one of the units at the up-market Casa Mila Tower Condominium in Jalan Bukit Idaman 3/1, Selayang, on Thursday.

Her body was found sprawled on the ground by a security guard about 4pm on Thursday. She was clad in a blue T-shirt and shorts and the keys to her condominium were found next to her body.

Her father who is a marketing and technical manager and her mother, who works in a human resource department, suspect that Preeshena was abducted from their unit on the ninth floor.

Her 40-year-old father, who declined to be named, said his daughter called him on Wednesday afternoon claiming someone was knocking loudly on the front door.
Preeshena was alone at home.

Her elder brother was away at a boarding school while her younger sister was sent to a baby-sitter.

"I told her not to open the door. I reminded her that we have the keys to the unit and we would open and let ourselves in after work," he told the New Straits Times at his condo last night.

Her father's nightmare came true on Thursday afternoon when he got a call from police. He rushed to the condominium and saw his daughter's broken body.

The parents suspect that Preeshena was forcibly taken when she opened the door to the assailant on Thursday.

"She never leaves her house without her slippers. Her slippers are still here.

The condominium keys were also found next to her body."

Preeshena's mother looked dazed.

"Her body looked peaceful. I am sure she is in heaven.

"I promised her that I will fight till the end to find her killer."
Her mother said it was so sad that this had to happen right after Nurin Jazlin Jazimin's case.

Preeshena is a Year Three pupil of Sekolah Kebangsaan St Marie in Selayang. Neighbours described her as a bubbly and friendly child. The family stays in a posh, gated community with 24-hour security.

Police investigations revealed that the victim's condominium unit was locked and there were no signs of forced entry.
They were looking at the possibility that Preeshena was taken to a vacant unit on the second floor where she was attacked and murdered. The back window of the unit was open when police checked the premises.

The post-mortem report revealed she had been raped and sodomised. There were bruises on her chest, back and private parts. Her right arm was also broken.

The body, which was sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary for a post-mortem, was claimed at 1am yesterday by her family and cremated at the City Hall crematorium in Jalan Kuari later in the morning.

Gombak police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Abdullah appealed to members of the public who have information to assist the police.

This is the most brutal child murder since the Nurin case on Aug 20.

In Nurin's case, she was held captive for almost a month before her body was stuffed in a sports bag and left at the foot of a staircase at a building in PJS1/48.
Eight-year-old Nurin, who went missing after going to a night market near her house in Wangsa Maju, was also sexually assaulted. To date, no one has been charged for her murder.

*article taken from NST Online

Horrified, appalled, devastated, angry and disgusted are an understatement of how I feel towards the tragedy that took away this young beautiful girl's life. As a new mother to a baby girl, I am devastated to hear and read about this news.

What type of animals and monsters are living among us in our community???

I pray for the souls of the late Presheena and the late Nurin and all other young children that have fallen victim to these acts of violence. May they rest in peace.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The bubbly work of vandals..

This article caught my attention as I was reading the News Straits Time today. While some might think it's hilarious.. I think that these people should get a life.

MALACCA: Bubbles were flying all over the place at the Bukit Sebukor waterfall yesterday.

Vandals had poured shampoo into the man-made waterfall, which is part of efforts to turn Malacca into a garden city.

This resulted in large bubbles flying around as early as 8am - and even obstructing the view of motorists nearby.

"This is not funny. We've worked hard to ensure the beauty of the historic city and this act of vandalism is something we take seriously," said Malacca city mayor Datuk Zaini Md Nor.

He said city council workers took about three hours to clean the waterfall, a task they had to do when vandals struck for the first time in February.

"We found a bottle of shampoo in the pool with its cap open and there was some liquid left in the bottle.

"We opened the park and waterfall to the public for recreational purposes but some irresponsible people have been damaging the waterfall, the plants and lights.

"There have even been instances when we have found used diapers in the pool," he said, adding that the public should report acts of vandalism to the authorities.
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