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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Beauty of Motherhood

Is motherhood really that beautiful?? Is motherhood really what it's cracked up to be?? Is motherhood all pretty flowers and sunshine and perfect children with perfect grades and unicorns that poop rainbows??

From the moment a woman gives birth whether naturally or c-section or heck, even if you've adopted a child, it's all blood, sweat and tears. Literally.

There's nothing beautiful about having a familiar stranger's face up your "hoohoo", with blood spewing forth and telling you "one more push". There's nothing beautiful about being scared to poop a day after giving birth. There's nothing beautiful about the pain of chapped nipples combined with a very hungry baby. There's nothing beautiful about staying in your pjs (truth be told, it's actually nice and comfy) the whole day because you don't seem to have a moment to yourself from the moment you wake up until the time you fall asleep -- all 10 minutes of it. There's nothing beautiful about the price of diapers and formula. Period.

And don't even start about forgetting to pretty yourself up for the husband. For all you know, you're probably still wearing the most unsexy grandma panties of all time because the laundry is piling up and the cooking and the dishes and the dusting and the mopping still needs to be done.

Yet, in the midst of all that craziness, moments of contentedness (is that even a word?) still do exist.

Moments when your baby gives you a heartstopping smile and nestles in closer to your chest. Moments when out of the blue, your daughter comes up, gives you a big fat kiss and says "You're beautiful, mommy. You're the best ever ever." or when your son says "Mommy, your burger is crusty today" but finishes his food because to him, your crusty burger is still his favourite. Moments when your husband gives you a long big hug and helps with bathing the children without you asking because he knows. Moments when, for a split second, the house is all quiet and everyone is happy.

These moments are the moments that makes your heart fill up with joy and pride and no matter what other people say, you know you did good.

Actually, it's moments like these that make you crazy enough to think you can handle more kids. Hahaha.

But yes, despite the madness, craziness, blood, sweat and tears, I do believe that motherhood is all that it's hyped up to be.. and MORE. I admit, it sometimes makes you want to just close your eyes and ears and ignore everything. But it makes me the person I am today.

I used to think that parents make and shape their children. I just realized that my kids make ME. They taught me (and still continue to teach me) to be patient and kind and tough and strict and funny and be less uptight and more importantly, make me appreciate my mom a whole lot more and have a better relationship with her than ever before.

That, my friends, makes motherhood CRAZY BEAUTIFUL.

Author's note: This is just my account of motherhood. I can't speak for the rest of the mothers especially those who have nannies aplenty, time to go to the gym, wear Zannottis and Atwoods and Louboutins on their feet and moms who don't own a single grandma panty. Evidently, I am no Mrs Beckham. But I am ok with it.

In this moment, I am at peace.

*a moment later, i retract my last sentence, baby Z just woke up and the havoc ensues*

Time to sign off.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'm Going Home

Finally! After about almost 4 months of being in my hometown, I am finally ready to go back home. My sister's wedding is finally over (Alhamdulillah!!) and I am just relieved that everything went well. All the effort of the last few months was definitely well worth it. Now, I can go home to KL and just relax and stress about other stuff. Like laundry, cooking, the children's homework and all that jazz.

The only thing that's different now is that I will have baby Zaidan with me and it's his first time going to KL. I hope he'll be alright throughout the whole 2 and 1/2 hour flight. I'm not planning to bring his baby crib with me because I can't deal with bringing and packing all the screws and standoffs and all the pieces to assemble it.

So it looks like I have to go searching for a baby cot or playpen once I reach KL. Argh! I'm feeling the stress of it already! But I guess that's what mom's do. We're always up for a challenge!! :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Someone's Birthday Is Coming Up!

My daughter's birthday is coming up this 29th and since she hasn't started pre-school yet, she doesn't have any friends and all my friends' children are still babies.. so it pretty much defeats the purpose of making a huge birthday party.

Parents these days make parties for their children more for THEIR benefit, rather than the child's. It's mainly their friends and turns out not very kid friendly by the end of the day. I don't think my daughter will enjoy a party like that one bit!

Don't get me wrong, I don't intend to do NOTHING for her birthday. She told me the other day she wants cupcakes in pink! So I think I'll do just that. My daughter loves Wondermilk cupcakes but it's just too far.. so maybe we'll be going with Cupcake Chic.

She wants a Fairy Barbie.. but honestly I'm running out of storage areas for toys.. so it looks like tomorrow I might have to spring clean their toys. Out with the old, in with the new! I'm sure there are other kids out there who will appreciate some old but good condition toys! :)

A helium balloon bouquet would be great for Allie too! I know she'll just love it. Had I wanted to make a party a la Sweet Sixteen for her, I'd need a payday advance! And since I'm not even working to whom will I even apply an advance from?? Hahahaha!

I just can't believe my daughter will be turning 3 years old!! How time flies!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mommy, Are You Rich?

Before I begin this story, I just have to let you know that ever since my son got sick and was hospitalized for a week, and bed rest at home for another week, he has become so lazy and refuses to go to school. It's been tough getting him ready for school and I have a tougher time getting him to complete his homework.

So now, for the story..

Last Wednesday (or was it Thursday), I picked up my son from school at noon, as usual, and on the way back home, he asked me..

Buddy: Mommy, are you rich?
Me: No, Buddy.. :( I'm not.
Buddy: Why?
Me: Because I didn't like to go to school.
Buddy: I don't understand.
Me: Well, people have to go to school.. so they can get good jobs, and they work hard and that's when they get paid A LOT of money! That's how you become rich! You have to go to school.. It's really important!
Buddy: Why didn't you go to school?
Me: Because mommy loved to stay home and watch cartoons... It was sooo boring!
Buddy: :( But school is fun! You have a playground and books and friends.
Me: I know.. *Very sad face*
Buddy: It's okay.. I'm going to school so I can become rich! *excited*
Me: Yay!!! School is fun and cool right?? So are you going to work hard??
Buddy: Hmmm.. Yeah!!

He was silent for a while.. then he asked me,

Buddy: Mommy, did Nana go to school??
Me: Yeah, she did!
Buddy: *smiles broadly*

Hahaha!! You should have seen his face as he made his own conclusion about his Nana! Oh Buddy, you just make me laugh!

Ever since we had that conversation, he seems more enthusiastic about going to school. He doesn't fight me as much as he did, and he's just happier and more excited about it! I know it might not be my wisest moment.. nor the smartest conversation to have with a 6 year old, but still.. I'm glad at how things worked out!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Big Book of Knowledge

Why are some plants meat-eaters? Why does a road rising upward have lots of curves? How many times has man landed on the moon?

My son, who will be turning 7 next year, has been increasingly inquisitive this past few months and so in order to keep up with all his questions, my mom decided to get him "The Big Book of Knowledge".

He has been so thrilled with his book and he's been lugging it around every where that you might think the book contains superpowers or something. Yet, I'm really happy to see how much he's into reading and learning because I know he can rely on his own knowledge without having to "Google" everything.

Surely I'm not against Google-ing stuff especially when you need to know more about illnesses.. but really, sometimes, won't it be better for you to know things on top of your head instead of having to Google everything? Less carbon energy wasted too! ;)

I've always been a bookworm so I don't mind spending some cash on books especially one as beneficial to my children such as this. Trust me, even adults will find it fun! So my next buy for my son will be: The Big Book of Why. :D

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Ever since Allie has turned two, she's becoming much more bada$$ compared to Buddy when he was 2. Whatever she wants, she will make sure she gets it. At first, Buddy complied.. but now, it's beginning to annoy him and since she wants whatever it is that Buddy is holding. And well, that's where the problem starts.

It reminds me of the time when my mom's friend had to buy the 2 copies of the same xbox games because they'll fight over it. And yeah, they have 2 consoles. I hope I don't have to resort to that. For now, the letting "Allie hold it for 15 seconds, and Buddy holds it for the next 15 seconds" works. But I don't know how long.

Sometimes, they argue like cats and dogs but at the end of the day, one can't sleep without the other.. and now, Buddy takes it upon himself to put on her clothes, shoes, etc when we're going out. So sweet!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jogging with Bob Stroller!!

I am feeling so sluggish right now that what I think I really need is a jog. I know a lot of people who hate exercising, but for me, I don't mind exercise at all. When you feel the sweat trickling down your body, it feels like the unwanted inches on your thighs and tummy are melting away right that instant. Tell me, who doesn't love for extra inches to melt off??

I could definitely exercise via Billy Blanks' Taebo or Bootcamp exercise at home, but I prefer jogging. The wind blowing on your face, the steady thud thud thud of my Nikes hitting the asphalt.. it's really calming.. despite my heart feeling like it's going to burst out of my chest, that is. Weird.. but it's a great feeling.

I wish I could bring my children jogging with me, though. Buddy I can bring, no problem.. he's been on the jogging track with me while I was still living in my hometown..

With Allie, however, I'll need to get a Bob stroller. One of the best three-wheeled strollers for everyday use and jogging, the BOB Revolution maneuvers easily in stores yet is rugged enough for nearly any outdoor terrain! Some strollers can't even go on the road without having the alignment all whacked up!

Yeah.. so anyways, my point is... by hook or by crook.. I think I need to go for a jog badly. But unfortunately, I don't have a Bob Stroller. Anyone wanna babysit for me??

Saturday, April 25, 2009

.. and My Prince Turns 5!***

Yes.. my son has turned 5!! To prove it, he did his homework without being asked to! He says, he's a big boy already! gatai

23rd April 2004. I was 10 days over my due date and I wasn't feeling any pain at all. The doctor asked me to come in to get induced - to get the contractions coming.. as well as the baby. The doctor told me if this doesn't work, then we'll opt for C-section. So I was induced around 11am and was waddling all over the ward and my water finally broke around 7pm.

Around 7.30pm, the contractions started coming in waves.. by 7.50pm I told my husband I was ready.. but nooooo.. nobody listened to me. They said, I won't dilate that fast.. so I pleaded for the nurses to check my dilation.. and hey ho!! I was ready!! Skip the gory details and by 8.10pm, my beautiful son, Zachrey Aizran Sham, was born. celebrateAnd I couldn't be happier!!

23rd April 2009. Buddy (our nickname for him) turned 5 and we celebrated it with a mini party at his kindie during lunch time. Boy, time passes by so quickly!!! sigh

So anyways, here are some pics from the night before his birthday leading up to his birthday!

I had to prepare party packs for approx. 30 children.. each party pack consists of 2 Crispy chocs, 1 Sachet of Lexus veggie biscuits, 1 Muruku packet, 1 Jelly, 1 Lolly, 1 balloon and 1 kazoo (that's what Buddy calls it).

All the 30 party packs!

Allie wanting those party packs.

Buddy at kindie with friends!

Buddy putting candles on his cake. (The cake cutting was captured on video.. no pics)

Allie, my little golliwog, striking a pose.

Our close family friend, Rafiq, dropping by with Buddy's present!

Buddy estatic!

Buddy with his new golf club!! [THANK YOU RAFIQ!!]

FYI, Buddy has been into golf ever since he was old enough to grab onto things. My eldest brother plays some golf and he tries to instill that passion and it really caught on. He's been asking for a golf club for ages and now, he finally gets his wish! It was such a great surprise!

So that's it for now.. I've got some more pictures and I hope to share it with you guys soon.. part 2 maybe??

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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I can't believe I was bullied by a 5 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. Yes, my kids bullied me in public. I guess I was asking for it, though. It all started a couple of weeks ago when my 5 year old son asked me to get him the High School Musical 3 DVD. I refused. Since then, he's been pestering and pestering me to get it for him.

Okay, I have nothing against HSM 3 (or maybe I do).. it's just that once my kids are into a certain movie, they will replay the movie over and over and over again.. and that is just one movie that I don't think I can even watch... what more to say over and over..

But when I was in the DVD store the day before yesterday, Buddy was asking me why I wouldn't get it for him and he was refusing to let it go.. unlike the previous times. I just tuned him out bising and soon a couple of parents were looking at me all funny as if I was the villain in some movie or something.

Then Allie gave me her famous angry pout! That just sent me over the edge!!

Seeing as the only way I can escape those little bullies and the frowning parents, was to buy that darn DVD... I did. I bought it. I succumbed and caved. sighBut I've got to say.. that Zac Efron does not look half bad eh? I saw a picture of him in a tuxedo on one of the red carpet events and he is lookin' fiiiiiiine.. I especially like him here, on the cover of Details magazine.

ANYWAYS, I'm glad to say that they didn't really enjoy HSM3, so now it's back to Mamma Mia. Allie just loves that movie! Lucky for her, I do too. sengihnampakgigi

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Little Golliwog*

Remember when I said I had my very own Jonas brother in the house? Yeah? Well now there's another one.

Okay, so maybe Allie has a long way more to go to have fuller and teased hair like Nick Jonas.. but that pic, is one of her "good hair days" pics.. today, it was sooo bad that even Allie refused to have her picture taken. ihikhik

Buddy was sporting the Nick Jonas 'do last year too.. but ever since I chopped off his curly locks, he no longer is a "Bud Jonas". sedih

I miss my Buddy's curly wurly hair!! How fast time flies by... one minute they're little babies and the next thing I know, Buddy is self-conscious with his hair and clothes and Allie is obsessed with makeup. around

sighOh well, I guess I've just gotta deal, huh??

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heart Over Mind

I was inspired by someone near and dear to me who just threw caution to the wind and just went ahead to plan what she's been dreaming about for so long. Heart over mind. Between us both, I'm less analytical but even I'm not sure whether I'd do what she just did, which is why I applaud her for it. tepuktangan

Having children needs you to be more practical when it comes to decision-making. Spontaneity is a third cousin that you were close to when you were little, then as you grew up became more distant and now that you're married and have children, just remains a distant memory.

But the great thing about getting married early and having children early is that, by the time they grow up, you'll be able to gain that again. You'll be able to go traveling and book yourself into one of those luxury hotel rooms without worrying too much about expenses (because by that time I'm sure I'll be more financially stable). ihikhik

So yeah, girlfriend, I am soooo soooo happy for you, but don't feel too bad for me. Much love!!! love

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Unpopular Parent

One thing I dislike about being a stay-at-home mom is the fact that it makes me very unpopular with my children. Since I take care of them from morning til night, nag at them (even Allie), and scold them any time they misbehave.. well, that only makes them look forward to Daddy's return from work.

Maybe if I became a circus clown or something like that then maybe they'll begin to pay a little attention to me. Instead of "Handy Manny". :(
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