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Friday, November 29, 2013

Back in KK for School Hols

I am back in my hometown of Kota Kinabalu as usual, for the school hols. The last time I came back was in June for the first semester school holidays. Nothing much has changed, which is nice. A smattering of developments are underway but that's about it. I haven't really been going around town after all, it's the school holidays and going to town means getting stuck in the traffic jam. Having been living in KL, I wish to avoid THAT, thank you very much.

I've been back since the 17th, actually. It's been almost 2 weeks since I got back and of course, you can't go back without enjoying yourself at the beach. Loooove going there. It's so calming and the kids always have a great time. The view is so beautiful, I wish I can take it back with me to KL.

Oh and my baby boy Zaidan turned 1 last week! My hubby came over from KL to celebrate and we were so excited about it that no one took a SINGLE picture of his birthday celebration. Oh well.

How time flies. I feel like it was just a couple of months ago that I was sharing my happy news with everyone and now, baby Z is already 1!! Even Allie will be starting primary school next year! That means she's 7 next year and I've had this blog even before I had Allie. Look at how big everyone is. Buddy will be 10 years old next year. Even my kid sister Seri is all grown up. She'll be 21 in 2014! OMG! 

Wow. Lots has changed. Regardless, all the changes have made me a better person, and more importantly, happier. Definitely happier. I am so blessed. Alhamdulillah.

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful end of the year and enjoy the school holidays with your kids!

Much love,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Someone Like Seri

I've been scouring my family's photo albums, the ones online (Facebook and Instagram) for pictures from my sister's wedding last March. Apparently everyone is just too lazy to upload the pics. I have pics in my DSLR but since I don't have a laptop right now, I couldn't upload them yet. But my family.. well, they have NO excuse!

I just want to find a picture of my kid sister karaoke-ing her a$$ off to Adele's Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep. LOL! It was classic! Thank goodness she didn't use a cloudlifter at musician's friend to use on her microphone. She certainly does not need an additional 25dB. The neighbours would have sued. Hehehe. Sorry Seri! :) But I have to give her props for singing like she just doesn't care! Hahahah that's what I call bravery!!

Although I couldn't find my sister's karaoke debacle picture, I did find a photo of my sister, the bride, that I love. Thanks to my cousin, Azrie (TanganSeni) for taking this pic! :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Haze No More

So now that the haze is gone, what are y'all gonna do with the 5 billion masks that you all bought? Maybe make your baju raya out of it? Hehehe. I'm still using my mask because I'm still not well. I'm barely recovered from a fever, flu and cough so instead of making you all suffer with my unmasked germs, I am doing you all a fever and not spread my germs any further.

As for the kids, I'll just let them play Mask of Zorro every day for the next 30 years? :)

I'm glad the haze is gone, though.

Mom's Advice

Ever since I moved here, I talk to my mom on a regular basis. Either I call her or we Whatsapp each other.. and usually she does what moms normally do. Give sage advice and reminders to pray, stay healthy and be safe. My mom is so worried about city life that she always sends emails regarding kidnapping stories or mugging stories or robbery stories that tend to make me even more paranoid than I normally am.

The thing is, I told her, bad things can happen anywhere and anytime. Someone I know refuses to travel because every place in the world is unsafe and full of people shooting each other. You can't stop it if God wills it. But you can always take preventive measures to stay safe. Like equip yourself with pepper spray and always be alert. Don't walk around with your earphones on. Or text when you're walking in the carpark.

But I guess the best thing to do is, just listen to your mom. If she's worried, then do your utmost best to assuage her fears, even if it means buying batons and keeping them in the car or house. I used to have a baseball bat in my room. But since it would harm me more than I could do harm with it, my brother took it back.

So wherever you are, readers... Pray, stay healthy and be safe! ;)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Perfect Distraction

Tomorrow I'll be headed back home to KL and I've got 1001 things that I really need to do when I get back home. Among some of the things I need to start on is cleaning up my sister's room. Now that she's a married woman, I can turn her room into a guest room so my mom can have a room all to herself when she comes to visit her grandkids.

I can't wait to decorate it and since Allie is using my sister's old mattress (Allie shares a room with Buddy) then I need to get a new good quality Latex foam mattress that doesn't hurt my mom's back. One of those orthopedic types. I hope they don't burn a hole in my wallet, though.

Anyways, with all this planning and work that I have to do, it's the perfect distraction for me.. especially because I get homesick a lot. I really do miss KK when I'm in KL.

2 a.m.

It's 2.30am and I am finally done packing. I can't fall asleep yet so I decided to blog a little. I feel like I've neglected my blogs for far too long and decided to pay them a visit.

If you're wondering why I'm packing, well, as most of you know, there's not a school holiday that goes by that I DON'T go back to my hometown. I MUST go back. That's just the way it is. I get homesick. A LOT. So, it's basically the end of the school holidays and it's time to return to KL tomorrow. My flight is in the morning which is not the norm for me because with 3 kids to handle, I normally prefer an afternoon or evening flight so I don't have to rush.

However, flights are mostly full due to the school holidays and so the only available flight left was in the morning. So I will try my damnedest to get everyone ready and out the door by 9am. Argh!!

Anyways, wish me a safe flight, k??

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Growing Up Too Fast

My niece, Naeema is 6 months today while my son, little Zaidan Alif, is approaching 4 months exactly on his father's birthday, 23rd March. I can't believe that they're growing up sooooo fast. I can't believe that time has flown so fast, it's unbelievable really. It just feels like yesterday that two heavily pregnant ladies went to the islands for some R and R. Hahaha much to my mom's concern. Anyways, it was good to babysit my little rascal niece today. She's such a good baby and so easy to take care of. :)


There they are. Before you know it, they'll be jumping around and giving their mommies and daddies a hard time.

p/s: I could never grasp this Wordless Wednesday thing. I always have something to say.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'm Going Home

Finally! After about almost 4 months of being in my hometown, I am finally ready to go back home. My sister's wedding is finally over (Alhamdulillah!!) and I am just relieved that everything went well. All the effort of the last few months was definitely well worth it. Now, I can go home to KL and just relax and stress about other stuff. Like laundry, cooking, the children's homework and all that jazz.

The only thing that's different now is that I will have baby Zaidan with me and it's his first time going to KL. I hope he'll be alright throughout the whole 2 and 1/2 hour flight. I'm not planning to bring his baby crib with me because I can't deal with bringing and packing all the screws and standoffs and all the pieces to assemble it.

So it looks like I have to go searching for a baby cot or playpen once I reach KL. Argh! I'm feeling the stress of it already! But I guess that's what mom's do. We're always up for a challenge!! :D

Monday, January 7, 2013


I haven't been doing any shopping whatsoever in soooooo long. I mean, I didn't even buy any pregnant clothes at all last year. I just resorted to wearing my dresses, over-sized Ts, my old empire waisted tops and a pair of leggings. That was about it.

So now that I'm no longer preggers, I'm pretty excited about the prospect of going shopping again! But when I went out recently with my mom, all I saw were winter clothes on display! What a bummer! I mean, the clothes are gorgeous but I hardly need any ski coats for women at this point.

But it's not like I've lost much weight yet, pun. I have lost a bit and I'm looking forward to starting my exercise (can't start too early after giving birth) and just eating more healthily. After all, my sister's wedding is on the 1st of March! And I soooo need to look good. NEED, ok? NEED. It's an ego boost for a mommy of 3. Oh just indulge me, will ya?

Monday, November 19, 2012

I Won't Give Up

I dare say I have a good marriage. It's not always perfect but I'm happy and the children are happy and that's all that matters. Yet at times, there are certain parties who just can't stand to see us happy and try to meddle in our lives like it's their goddamn right. So to those people who don't have a life, I feel sorry for you.

So for this Music Monday, I decided to choose this beautiful song by Jason Mraz (who I never really fancied, until I heard this song), I Won't Give Up. :) Happy Music Monday, y'all! :)

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the ACTUAL LINK POST here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcoming a New Year

We are just a few winks away from the year 2013! I am looking forward to ending the year on a happy note and can't wait to welcome the New Year with a lot of plans for myself as well as my family.

God willing, there will be plenty of changes for my family and I. Besides my sister getting married next year, my mom also wishes to do some minor renovations to the house. She would so love to redo her kitchen as well as her garden and my late dad's old study room. We have been going gaga over at Pinterest for ideas and inspirations for the "new look" we have planned.

I also just showed these really cute curved garden bench for my mom's garden and she loves it as well.

That is, if God willing, we will be able to make our dreams come true. We can only plan, the rest is up to God. :)

On another note, for Muslims around the world, our new year has already arrived! Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year in the Muslim calendar so I would like to wish everyone Salam Maal Hijrah to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

May Allah S.W.T. grant you abundance in health and wealth and bless you with goodness throughout the year. May we all strive to become better Muslims -- As a day ends, our life span decreases and so we shouldn't take life for granted and concentrate on doing more good deeds and ibadah in the future. :)

"Don't try to be better than someone else. Try to be better than who you were yesterday."

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ramblings of a Cranky Mama Bear

I seriously need to get my laptop fixed. PRONTO! I cannot take anymore of doing my work at Mailboxes. I love it here because it's quiet. It's a store with postal services, packaging services, sells office supplies, name care printing.. you name it. They also have internet services which are affordable. So yeah, it's not like I'm stuck in some dingy cybercafe with people smoking their lungs out playing some MPG shooting game.

However, it's damn cold right now and my fingers are already freezing and feel like they're falling right off. It doesn't help that I'm hungry because the cold makes me even hungrier than ever, which in turn, makes me absolutely cranky. And while I was browsing the H&M site earlier, it didn't help that I saw some really cute fur vests that I wish I had right now. Just to protect me from the cold. Then I'll stuff it into my cupboard where it will never again see the light of it.

Okay. I need to stop rambling. Like now. And get back to work.

Back To My Hometown.. Again!

I am counting down to my trip back to KK this Sunday. For the past few months, that's all that I seem to be doing. I think this is my 3rd trip back to my hometown since Hari Raya. There's a lot that has to be done back in KK and I am ever so grateful that I get to use my husband's travel discounts so it doesn't actually hurt my finances whenever I go back. Praise!! LOL!

Plus, I can't wait to go back and see my little niece Naeema. She'll be exactly one month old when I go back to see her and I want her to get used to the face that's going to spoil her silly! She's such a pretty and good little baby.. she hardly ever cries, according to her parents. :)

But you know what I'll miss from KL?? I really good breakfast. KK might be known for it's gorgeous views and hospitality but food is not one of the things we are good at and the sooner KK-ians admit it, the better.. so someone can improve on that.

A simple breakfast like poori and apam manis is definitely not in the cards for you in KK.

So yeah, I will miss that part of KL when I'm back home. But hey, I am thankful and grateful that I do live in the best of both worlds! :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Post Raya Exhaustion

Hey everyone!

How was your Raya holidays thus far?? I know most of you have started work already but the kids are still on holiday, so at least, not so much of early morning jam stress, right?

My Raya celebrations were alright. Both my husband and older sister weren't around to join the celebrations as both were stuck with their unrelenting work schedule. So, it wasn't much of a celebration. Plus, mom and I were up the whole night cooking her special dishes and didn't get any shut eye at all until the evening of Raya. Her food was definitely worth it, but I was just too exhausted and busy to even take pictures of the kids. I only managed to take 2 pictures of the kids and even that was on my camera phone and not my DSLR.

It was just so tiring that I couldn't feel my legs for the next few days. Only today do I feel fully charged and my energy restored! I hope all of you celebrating Raya have recuperated from your exhaustion or any sickness (I heard there's a bug going around making people sick).

Anyways, I wish you all a very Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to all! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012


My husband is a DIY person to boot. I don't know whether his DIY attitude stemmed from the fact that he's a frugal person or that he just loves to do things himself. Maybe both. He does the plumbing, electrical wiring, assembling, dismantling, and everything else for us. When we moved, he also assembled the Astro for us so I didn't have to call the installer and pay an extra RM100. He is Mr. DIY.

He has almost every tool imaginable but there are some of his tools that are pretty old and rusty. So when I found I practically did a jig of joy 'coz now I know what to get for him for our anniversary this year.

In fact, I'm getting into this DIY mode myself. I recently even gave the husband a haircut using his hair clipper tools and he just guided me through the motions and he showed me how to handle it when he was cutting our son's hair. He even got praises at his office for his new haircut. Looks like if I ever need a job, I can apply for a men's hair stylist job. LOL!

The Big Bully

Remember a couple of months ago when I tweeted and wrote on my Facebook about my 8 year old son being bullied? Well, apparently he was bullied by 2 kids who were from the same school bus. One was his own classmate and the other was a boy in Standard 5.

Not only did one boy punch his stomach, they also ripped his art file together with the whole semester's worth of art work. My son was more distraught over his art than him being physically attacked.

Anyways, up until today, I am pretty disappointed with the school for not even punishing the bullies properly nor did they contact the students' parents and discuss the situation with them. Bullies are just everywhere nowadays. Just today, I saw the news that a boy had his hearing impaired when a senior at his school slapped him on the side of his face with so much force that it burst his eardrums.

The situation with bullies at schools nowadays is really getting way out of hand. Kids at such a young age already show so much uncontrollable rage and dominance over younger kids. I think schools nowadays should have harsher and more severe punishments on students that just warnings and counseling.

Hopefully, being a member of the PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) at my son's school, will give me a chance to change some things at the school. I try to remain optimistic, but knowing our education system, it's just hard.

Belated Birthday Post

So I celebrated my birthday almost 2 months ago and my best friend is already chasing me for the pictures. I didn't do anything much, just dinner with my family and close friends. What better way to celebrate than being surrounded by your loved ones, right? :)

Here's a couple of the pics taken that night. :)

My loved ones.
My bestie and I.
My "birthday" cake.
Yours truly making a wish -- hoping for a Michael Kors watch

The rest of my birthday desserts. The red velvet, not worth ordering. I liked the banoffee pie, though.

The husband couldn't make it that night because he was busy with a function of his own, the Malaysia Airlines Airport Operations Gala Dinner where he was awarded with Best Employee in his department.

I was bummed because I couldn't go to support him but he assured me only boring fogeys would be attending the event. He also ended up winning a lucky draw prize! :) An American Tourister luggage case.

I also received a wonderful birthday package all the way from Kuching, thanks to Debbie! She's really awesome at sending me gifts and I feel a tad bit awful for not being as awesome as she is to me. But I do hope she knows how much I appreciate her friendship! Look at the wonderful handmade card she gave as well as the bookmark and notebook she gave! :) Love  you, Debbs!

So yeah, that's all about it! All in all, I had a wonderful birthday this year and I'm grateful for all the lovely people I have in my life. :)

My New Addition

Forgive me blog, for I have sinned, it's been 1 month plus since my last post. :P

I have so lost my online mojo. Not just my blogging mojo but I couldn't be bothered with updating my beloved Twitter account, what more to say my Facebook.

Anyways, there's nothing much going on. Everything is still same ol' same ol'. I do have a cat now, though. He takes up most of my time because he follows me everywhere I go and won't leave me alone. He's a mixed breed of persian and domestic. More domestic than persian though. I adopted him when I found him wandering around the neighbourhood and without a collar. So, I gave him some milk and food and he has been with me ever since.

Nobody is looking for a missing cat and my cat doesn't seem to want to go anywhere else unless it's to do his business. He's so smart that he doesn't do his business in my compound.

So here's the new addition to my family. Everyone, meet Loki!

Oh and he's the only cat that doesn't make me sneeze.. so that's a huge plus, considering I'm allergic to cats. Except Loki, that is! :) So now that I've had him for over 2 weeks, I think it's time I get him his own collar and cat stuff, right?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What's New?

Hey you guys! :)

I miss my blog quite a bit. I've been busy ever since mom came over to visit us.. and I haven't had enough time to just be online and update my blogs. Excuses, excuses... hehehe.

My mom arrived on the 1st of November and will be going back to KK on the 15th. She'll be bringing the kids with her and that means I'll be "single mingle" for a while. It won't be much fun and games anyway, since I have to concentrate on the packing. I'll be moving out of my current place and into another place so I my mom is such a gem to take the kids off my hands for a while during this hectic time.

Last week's Hari Raya Aidiladha was pretty fun. My cousins came over and my mom made her Sarawak Laksa and it was still awesome despite my mom not having huge prawns, fresh coconut milk and the KK cili padi. She didn't want to have overweight luggage on AirAsia coming over, or else she'd have brought all those ingredients with her.

My mom, my cousins and my children on Aidiladha 2011.

Laksa Sarawak

I have been gaining weight ever since my mom came. It's so ridiculous the amount of weight I put on in 10 days. It's nuts, really. I look like I'm preggers. -_-" Plus, my race is coming up on 27th Nov, and I've only been training once. ONCE! And even that session was pretty pathetic. I hope the remaining two weeks will be enough to have a decent run come race day. I'm not expecting much, anymore. I have the MPSJ 10km run a week after that so I hope I do better for that one.

Lately, I have this hankering for durian.. and it's not enough that I satisfy my cravings once, twice or even three times!! I'm still craving for it!! Crazy!

Oh yeah! I lost my diamond earring!!!!


My mom gave them to me as a gift after giving birth to Allie. I was out with my mom shopping in Midvalley and we were having lunch at Madam Kwan's when I realized one side was missing. I asked my mom how long it had been missing and she said she didn't notice. I'm so upset. I don't think I can afford to replace it any time soon. or EVER for that matter. It's not like one of those casters that you can just buy at a store if one goes missing. :( My mom is still optimistic that I'll find it somewhere at home, but I don't share her sentiments.

I will miss having a gym and pool to go to once I move out of this place, so I think I'll bring the kids swimming early tomorrow morning or evening. Depends on the weather.

I am desperate for a camera. I really need one. I'm sick and tired of not having a camera at my disposal. I'm tired of relying on someone else's camera (in this case, it's my sister's camera). I've got to wait forever to get the pictures transferred and uploaded and it's just no fun. Using my camera phone is even worse. Here's one of Allie's recent 4th birthday that I managed to get from my sister's camera.

Allie's 4th Birthday @ Chilli's - Citta Mall

It's 2.21am. Nothing special happened on 11.11.11. I saw a tweet that was mulling over the special attention to that date. People say that 11.11.11 is a date that we won't be able to experience ever again but then again, every second of our lives that passes by is also a time we won't ever be able to experience again. I totally agree. But to those who want to celebrate this day, then by all means, go ahead. I'm not judging.

With the amount of food I've been consuming, I think it's just right that I get some detox going on in the tum tums, no?

TruDTox.. recommended by bem69

So, that's about it from me right now..

Till the morrow,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Happiest Moment

“Happy moments are fleeting, but when captured, preserves the feeling and keeps the memories alive” - Shemah

If you go around asking mothers what their happiest moments are, I could guarantee that almost all (if not all) would probably give you an answer that's related to their children or spouse. I, personally, can definitely relate to that. My two children, my husband and the rest of my family are the center of my life. Without them, I am nothing.

Thinking back to the happiest moments in all my 28 years of life, I COULD say that the birth of my two children will be top on that list.

But I WON'T.


Well, like some people say, happiness is a state of mind.

Ever seen a woman in labor? Want to know her state of mind?!?!?! In as much as I truly believe that my children are my life's best achievements, giving birth is not exactly my definition of contentment and pleasure! Ask a woman in throes of contractions and ask her, right then and there, if THAT moment is the happiest moment in her life and you'd probably be wearing a hand print on your face for 2 whole weeks! That is, IF you're lucky.


With that being said, although one of the happiest moments to share in my life would be the obvious choice of my children or husband, I rather share the part of my life that I've never really talked about before on my blog. The part that was undoubtedly one of the best times of my life; MY CHILDHOOD.

Real elation is when you feel you could touch a star without standing on tiptoe.  ~Doug Larson

Oh, to be a kid again! No stress, no sadness or grief, no worries, no obligations, no responsibilities... just pure unadulterated joy! I attribute my happy childhood to my parents. They weren't wealthy by any means but we wanted for nothing. We were hauled off overseas so my parents could continue their studies and despite being students and doing odd jobs to make ends meet, (my father worked as a part time janitor at his university and my mom would cook and sell food to fellow Malaysian students – including making and selling salted eggs!), they always made time for us.

My father has always been a hands on dad. He would be the one to take over my mom when she had to concentrate on her finals or had early morning classes. Therefore he would do the cooking, bathe us and in the evenings, bring us cycling. By night fall, he would always read to us; the highlight of my days, which was also perhaps the reason why I started reading when I was only 3 years old. During the weekends, he'll either bring us on a road trip to the neighbouring county or he'd bring my brothers fishing. 
And if there's one thing you must know about my father, is that he's PASSIONATE about photography. He took pictures of us every possible chance he could get. If we were to receive a penny for every picture he took, he probably wouldn't have to work anymore and just sit down lounging in a yacht off the coast of Bora Bora! LOL! Everything my siblings and I did, was a Kodak moment to him. 

One of my favorite photos he took of me was also one of the happiest moments of my childhood. :)
I was 5 years old. It was the first Halloween that my sister and I were allowed to go trick or treating with the rest of the kids in the neighbourhood..

So all we had to do was decide on what we wanted to go as... BUT on ONE condition.

We had to choose our costumes from the 99cent bin at K-Mart because my parents couldn't afford extravagant costumes.

Honestly, I didn't care one single bit. I was just excited that I could go AT ALL. My sister decided on being a Moon Dreamer because that was just the 'shiznit' back then. I took a while to decide what I wanted to be. I wanted to go either as a Smurf or Snoopy (I was OBSESSED with both). So when we made our way to K-Mart, I saw the costume that I instantly fell in love with and knew it was THE ONE. Snoopy's sidekick. 

My happiest moment! Taken by my dad on Halloween night 1988. *click pic to enlarge*
Woodstock. Halloween of '88. Best costume ever! 

My sister and I were soooooo happy that we didn't even care that all the other kids had super awesome costumes that must have cost so much more! I thought I looked smashing!! I felt like I was sooooo “rad” and NO ONE could top my plastic costume (HAHA!).. well, except for that one Freddy Krueger. HE was so real looking, I almost cried.

Looking back at these preserved memories that my father happily shot, I can't help but relive that moment of getting ready, going out, and coming back with BAGS of candy. This 23 year old memory makes me so sentimental especially since Halloween is just around the corner! To think that only a 99cent costume would make a child so happy that it resonates through to adulthood!

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.  ~Ansel Adams

I am forever grateful that my happiest moments are forever immortalized in beautiful still photos that my father captured whether by Polaroid camera, point and shoot or his SLR. I'm a bit mad at myself that I'm not more like that with my own kids. The camera that I own right now, is still operating on AA batteries!! None of that fancy DSLR stuff and I have to constantly replenish the batteries.  On days when I don't, the special moments just passes me by. Whether it's my kids' crazy antics, or not having a proper photo with Nigel Barker when I went to his book signing last July (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!), or just candid photos of random things in my life. Not only that it's an EPIC FAIL as a blogger.. but as my father's daughter as well. God's honest truth, a piece of me feels like I'm disappointing my father.

My father passed away less than a month after my 18th birthday. It's been 10 years already yet I still grieve and miss him like it just happened yesterday. It devastates me that my father never got to meet his granchildren and vice versa... yet, I know his passion and legacy still lives on with us. It would devastate me even more if my children weren't able to share their pictures with THEIR children like I have been able to do with them. For that, I have my late father to thank for all the wonderful photographs he took.... and, because of my late dad, I'm able to share these never-before-seen pics of my childhood here, with all of you.

My Childhood – photo credits: My dad.

By the way, speaking of happy moments, have you guys seen the new Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3 and the Olympus Pen Lite Mini E-PM1?? It's fantastic!! The specs are so awesome! This is THE camera to get! You guys know how much I've been wanting an Olympus camera right?? I've blogged about it for months! Since June, I believe!! Anyways, the ad couldn't be more perfect! So apt and nothing short of cool!

The best part is, YOU have the chance of getting your hands on one of these beauties, thanks to Nuffnang and Olympus. Just head on over to Nuffnang's blog and find out how you can win them!

Hope you enjoyed my happiest moment, and feel free to share your happy moments with me in the comment section!

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