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Thursday, September 5, 2013

FMSPhotoADay Day 5: Here Forever

Here. With my kids. Traveling between two homes. Forever. Paradise. :)

FMSPhotoADay Day 4: Alone

Alone against the backdrop of nature.

p/s: I don't know the photographer. LOL!

FMSPhotoADay Day 3: Lines

I think my baby niece Naeema looks splendidly adorable in her beautiful colourful line-patterned baju kurung.

FMSPhotoADay Day 2: My Name Begins With..

My name begins with N.. or S.. depends on how you call me.

Monday, September 2, 2013

FMSPhotoADay Day 1: Together

Day 1: Together

Here's a picture of my mom and 2 of my children together during the third day of Hari Raya. The kids miss their  Nana so much and they're begging me to bring them back to my mom's for my niece Naeema's 1st birthday. I really wish I could go, but... we'll see.

p/s: Until I get my phone back, I'll be posting my #fmsphotoaday prompts here on my blog. :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photo A Day Challenge

If you've been following me on Instagram (@nazshemah), you might have seen my #fmsphotoaday picture prompts and hashtags. If you're not on Instagram but follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you would know what I'm talking about too (since I link 'em together).

The photo challenge I'm doing is one of MANY out there on Instagram and there are different challenges from different users. I used to try to do it through Tumblr but I failed miserably. I guess it's just easier to do on Instagram. The one I'm currently doing is by @FatMumSlim, you can check her out here ( and it's a pretty cool way to practice my photo-taking skills.

If you're not familiar with a photo-a-day challenge, it just means you're given a prompt a day for the whole month and you have to just post a photo according to the theme of the prompt. For example, today's prompt was SOUND. So I posted this picture.

It's a picture of my brother's old guitar. It may not be a Fender Stratocaster but it sure does produce some sweet music.

See how simple it is? I would love to try to do the challenge on my blog, so my blog gets updated every single day, but that's just being too ambitious. But it would be good especially if I put my Canon 60D to good use instead of using my phone's camera.

But if you guys would like to join in on the fun, get your monthly prompts from FatMumSlim. You can do it via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or via blogging as well.

This month's prompts:

If my explanation is still confusing for you, check out the instructions here. Btw, shout out to Chantelle (FatMumSlim) on her bun in the oven! So precious!

So people, join in on the fun and you might even be inspired to set up your own challenge or make new friends or perhaps discover a new passion for photography.

Friday, February 26, 2010


My late father was a photography enthusiast and as long as I can remember, he always had a camera with him. From my uncle and aunt's story, even though they were poor, they always had a camera.

My sister, Syura (my father's protegee since she was a pre-teen) and my older brother, Tadzief, has inherited my father's talents as well as all his photography stuff. There are like 3 old SLRs with all sorts of lens at home that only those two know how to fiddle around with.

I can safely say though, that the photography gene has certainly bypassed me and my oldest brother. Totally skipped us! I can handle our Polaroid just fine, though! LOL!

Other than that, I suck at cameras and photography. I even once thought that the epson tm-t88iv receipt printer was a mini digital photo printer. Yes, I'm a big dodo when it comes to this subject.

However, it does look like Buddy and Allie have a knack for it, though..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Happy Raya!!

I really enjoyed myself during this year's Hari Raya. It was great to be around the whole clan. Last year, my aunt's (my late father's sister) and her family couldn't make it back to my uncle's (my late father's brother) place. But this year, everyone was here, there was a birthday, a wedding and of course, Hari Raya to celebrate!! celebrate A week didn't seem enough!

The things in Tawau are sooo cheap, too. The Marco Polo Hotel actually serves a lunch buffet from Mon-Fri at RM14++!!! hah OMG!! I've never seen such a thing!!

Here are a couple more Raya pics that I snagged from my sister's Raya album on Facebook. Yes, I'm THAT bad with a camera that I don't have my own. LOL!

My daughter Allie's hair is longer now and more curly.. everyone was asking me whether I permed her hair because they can't believe how curly it is. Especially when my hair is so straight and couldn't hold a curl no matter what vitamins for hair I use.

Once I get hold of more pics, I'll post more pics in my upcoming posts! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Reality Bites!

Oh yes, reality has sunk in. After the long Hari Raya holidays, it's time to put the food down and get back to work. And time to resume blogging again. Too bad blogging only works the fingers.. if it was a whole body workout, I'll gladly get back to it and shed those pounds I packed on.

Yes. I packed on the pounds. LOL! What else is new?? But still, if one more pesky salesperson tries to sell me weight loss products, I'm really gonna go all "Orphan" (read: psycho) on them!!

Anyways, here's my Raya pic with the family.. and one taken with Buddy. I forgot to take the pics from my bro.. even these I took from the ones that I was tagged on (Facebook). Oh well, I hope you guys had a great Hari Raya too!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Through My Eyes Friday #2*

Through My Eyes Friday is a weekly meme created by my dear blogging buddy, TinaL @ Life In The Lapadula House. So basically all you've gotta do is post a photo/video of how you see the world through your eyes.. it can be anything from the sky to the road, to your messy office, etc.

So for this week's Through My Eyes Friday.. Tada!!

My little girl and her wall art

Oh, how I despise writings on the walls!

And when I tried to take the picture of the wall, she came in front of the camera and smiled! Yes, that's a smile! Like "setan.. I'm so clever!" But no, Allie!! NOT CLEVER!! takbole And did you notice how she's wearing a "daddy says i'm beautiful" onesie? Clearly, daddy's little princess thinks she can get away with it!

sighServes mommy right for "tweeting" away.. mommy has no one to blame when she has to clean the walls later.

First Commenter Gets Linky Love

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In Bloom..

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I have a whole lot of pics in the comp that haven't been developed or anything so if I post it up on my blog, at least I could say I've done SOMETHING with it instead of let it collect dust in the folders.. LOL!

I've been meaning to post them anyways during Merdeka day (Independence Day) because it was just amazing how my mom's flowers just decided to go full bloom on that day.

FYI (for those who don't know already), the hibiscus is Malaysia's national flower. So for my mom's hibiscus to go in full bloom on our Merdeka day was really really special. Too bad the pink one was already wilting, so I didn't bother to take a pic of that one.

p/s: For being the photographer that I'm not, this was really hard for me. I had to take tons (and I mean TONS) of pics before I got these "decent" ones. LOL!
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