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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gold! Poem by Thomas Hood!

Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!
Bright and yellow, hard and cold
Molten, graven, hammered and rolled,
Heavy to get and light to hold,
Hoarded, bartered, bought and sold,
Stolen, borrowed, squandered, doled,
Spurned by young, but hung by old
To the verge of a church yard mold;
Price of many a crime untold.
Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!
Good or bad a thousand fold!
How widely it agencies vary,
To save - to ruin - to curse - to bless -
As even its minted coins express :
Now stamped with the image of Queen Bess,
And now of a bloody Mary.

I was talking about gold on my previous post and as I was doing some googling, apparently there was a poem regarding gold that I just had to share! This poem by Thomas Hood said it all.

"To save - to ruin - to curse - to bless -" -- So true! So if you do have some gold or gold coins in your safekeeping, invest in it wisely and don't let it ever go to waste! Or head on over to the United States Gold Bureau to assist yourself in safe guarding your treasure!

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