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Friday, October 12, 2012

Back To My Hometown.. Again!

I am counting down to my trip back to KK this Sunday. For the past few months, that's all that I seem to be doing. I think this is my 3rd trip back to my hometown since Hari Raya. There's a lot that has to be done back in KK and I am ever so grateful that I get to use my husband's travel discounts so it doesn't actually hurt my finances whenever I go back. Praise!! LOL!

Plus, I can't wait to go back and see my little niece Naeema. She'll be exactly one month old when I go back to see her and I want her to get used to the face that's going to spoil her silly! She's such a pretty and good little baby.. she hardly ever cries, according to her parents. :)

But you know what I'll miss from KL?? I really good breakfast. KK might be known for it's gorgeous views and hospitality but food is not one of the things we are good at and the sooner KK-ians admit it, the better.. so someone can improve on that.

A simple breakfast like poori and apam manis is definitely not in the cards for you in KK.

So yeah, I will miss that part of KL when I'm back home. But hey, I am thankful and grateful that I do live in the best of both worlds! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vacation Ideas

It's the school holidays right now and I can't help but think of vacation ideas at this time! I just can't help it. In fact, I have been discussing a lot of vacation possibilities with other fellow bloggers and I have narrowed it down to a couple of places that I really want to go to and that I think the children will enjoy as well.

Singapore -- Entertainment Vacation. It's a neighbouring country and it is in fact one of the top go-to destinations on my list because of the entertainment factor. My kids are looking forward to going to Universal Studios Singapore and basically just go on a Sentosa Island adventure. For adults, there's plenty of shopping, food and not to mention a casino!! Slots, anyone?

New Zealand -- Scenic Vacation. Well, this is my husband's choice. He's been there before. I haven't. He loves it there. The view and the landscape is just amazing and he would love for the children to experience nature at it's best. I know how beautiful New Zealand is (just re-watch Lord of the Rings and you'll understand the appeal). Although there's not THAT much in terms of entertainment, the currency is slightly lower than that of Singapore. Or so I was told. Haven't checked it out for myself.

Maldives -- Beach Vacation. If you didn't know already, my family and I are big nature people and we love the sun, sand and sea. However, this is a destination we'll choose provided we just want to laze around and hang with the locals and not do anything much.

Manila -- Urban Vacation. I have my blogging Buddy, Ane, who I would love to meet one day. Besides, Manila is one of the busiest cities in Asia, so this is as urban as you can get!

United States -- Adventure Vacation. It doesn't matter where we go, whether it's L.A., Chicago, Florida, New York.. the flight to the US is an adventure in and of itself. I don't know what I'll do to occupy myself for some 20 odd hours on the flight. There's so much to do, you can go to one city and go on a road trip to another city. So this definitely qualifies as an adventure vacation.

Which one I will end up choosing and when I choose to go on this vacation, still remains unknown. Let's just hope it comes sooner rather than later!! :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Quomodocunquize [KWOH-muh-doh-KUNG-kwyz] (v). : To make money by any means possible.

I seriously need to quomodocunquize if I really want to go on a vacation. There have been many plans to use my husband's annual benefit that he gets from his company (he's in the airline industry) that allows us to go (practically) anywhere we want. We still need to pay for airport tax and insurance, though.

I dream of going to Europe or South America but I would really settle going somewhere nearby. Since it's cheaper. I haven't been to many Asian countries yet and I think it would be nice to visit Thailand or Manila. I've been to Indonesia: Jakarta, Pekan, Bandung and Bali before so I would like to go somewhere I haven't been before.

Before I plan anything, though, I need to save up!! As I said before: QUOMODOCUNQUIZE! Asian trips cost much less so that's a plus. I heard a friend say that sports betting online is a fast way to make money. Too bad, I'm not a betting person. Nor do I know much about sports betting. I do understand, however, why sports betting rakes in the big bucks. There are hundreds of sports being played all year round. One must just know the sports betting tips and tricks.

Although I did say I want to make money by any means possible, betting or gambling is not an option. Honestly, I don't even know how to bet on sports even if I wanted to. LOL!

So if you have any ideas on how I can quomodocunquize, please let me know! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holiday Cottages and Villa Rentals

I know it's been a while since my last post, but I hope you guys can cut me some slack for it since my mom and sister are here visiting! We also celebrated my son's 7th birthday last Saturday, but that's for another post.

While my mom and sister are here, we've been having long talks about plans to go on vacation. My mother and sister have been planning to go to Europe this year. I don't know when exactly they're planning to go and to be honest, I don't think they know too. My mom isn't really comfortable about planning ahead because she likes to plan and go when she's good and ready. However, I keep reminding her that airline tickets and accommodations need to be booked in advance if she wants a good price. So to make things easier for her, I have been searching for really enticing and hard-to-resist holiday cottages in Europe!

Holiday Cottages in Cornwall, UK
Breathtaking view of the sea with 2.5 acres of gardens and lawns
Holiday villas in Cornwall, UK
My mother is a sucker for quaint cottages and cozy homes so I'm hoping that she'd finally be able to make up her mind when she sees these homes for weekend rental. Although she's planning to go with my sister only, I was hoping I would be able to join them towards the end of their stay.. hence, the cottage! LOL! :) Wishful thinking on my part. But how I would LOVE to go to Europe. Haven't stepped foot on that part of the world, yet.

On the other hand, I have long been wanting to go back to the U.S. -- specifically to go for a nice family vacation in Florida. It is definitely the ultimate dream vacation for my family. I've been checking out villas in Florida and I'm really really enticed to book one right this moment.

Holiday villa in Florida

It's just that my son has school now and we don't get long summer holidays here like they do in the U.S. The only long holiday we get is at the end of the year - starting from November until beginning of January. If we were to plan an Orlando vacation in the winter, I will have to expect fewer events/parades during that time of the year due to the shorter hours and weather. Or so they say. Oh well! All I know is, if I'm looking for great holiday villa or apartment rentals with good and friendly owners, I can always check out

*sigh* Yet, my biggest downside in planning a vacation is still about the moolah and the husband's leave application. Actually, It's not always fun working in the airline industry. Once the school holidays starts, it marks the peak season with all airlines and practically impossible for my husband to get time away for a vacation. Let's just hope this year would be a lucky year for my family and I! :) *fingers crossed*

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time to Plan!

Today was one of those days where I feel like I did everything so routinely and spaced out on everything else and the next thing I know is, it's already midnight marking the beginning of a new day.

My mind has already back in KK.. I'll be going back in about less than 10 days to help prepare everything for my brother's wedding and by the time I get back to KL, it would be just in time to celebrate my husband's birthday. I don't think we'll be doing anything special.. for the past couple of years, he works through his birthday.. so I don't know if it will be anything different this year.

I was also busy thinking of my plans for my vacation this year. I know I promised my son to go to Singapore, but I'm still undecided.

Although Singapore is a great place for families, I'd love to go elsewhere.. but I just can't seem to think of anything just yet. Plus I have to look into some life insurance (for travel). Most people just overlook it but I'm like my father that way. Better safe than sorry.

Anyways, if you guys have any suggestions on where to bring my family for our first family vacation, just drop a comment below! :D Thanks! :D

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Headed for The Land Below the Wind

I'm going back to KK on Monday!! I just can't wait to go back so I can see the children.. FYI, they left for KK last Tuesday and I can't stand being apart from them for too long. They, on the other hand, don't give two hoots about their mommy because their Nana, Aunty and Uncles are spoiling them rotten.

I heard the weather has been pretty hot back in KK, though.. I'm wondering if I should get a dehumidifier. Anyways, whatever the weather, I just absolutely know it's gonna be a blast being back home with the rest of my family. Then for Raya, we will be going back to my late father's kampung to celebrate with my uncles, aunts and cousins. I'm so excited!

For now, though.. I'm going out for some last minute shopping. My mom has a couple of things she wants me to bring back.. I just hope I don't have excess baggage at the airport on Monday!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Man Vs. Food!

Man Vs. Food is among one of my favorite reality series on Travel and Living. The show follows host Adam Richman on his quest on exploring the "big food" offerings of a different American city before facing off against a pre-existing eating challenge at a local restaurant.

And it's not only the size of the portions that matter here.. but the taste and the fame that goes with each place is just a wonderful and salivating journey for the viewers.

But when it comes to the challenges.. Adam Richman is a GLUTTON! Man this guy could eat WALLOP FOOD like no other!! Milkshakes and fries, though, are just not his forte! He lost once in  a milkshake challenge in St. Louis and on the previous episode that I watched this week which involved a 6 lbs (2.7kg) "Colossal" milkshake and 1.5 lbs of "Colossal" cold cut sandwich that needed to be finished in an hour..  well, he almost caved on that challenge too!

Anyways, if I were Adam Richman, I'd definitely read up on colonix reviews 'coz he needs some serious colon cleansing what with eating all that meat! Okay, not just the meat.. but ALL THAT FOOD!

But it's still just an absolutely amazing show to watch! Guys would love this show.. I know my brother just loves it! Food and competition! What more can u ask for, right? Check this out when you can! Travel and Living is currently airing Season 2 of Man Vs. Food with new episodes every Wednesdays at 9pm (Malaysia).

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Taurus Baby

I've been missing out a lot on my weekly memes such as my Random Tuesday Thoughts and Wordless Wednesdays. I normally look forward to those memes but I've been super busy this week and just a little more stressed than usual.

I also haven't been "polyvoring" in almost a month and that's just a bummer for me. Anyhoo, I don't want to be such a downer because it's May. And MAY is my birthday month.  

My birthday is on the 19th! (hint! hint!) This year, I want to celebrate it with a bang 'coz I haven't had a birthday celebration in a while. I don't have anything "mayjah" in mind, but I think a celebration with friends at the hippest bar in the city would be absolute fun!

Oh and I wonder if you can register your birthday just like how you register your wedding. Then you just use that barcode scanner thingy and scans things you want your friends to get you.. Can't you do that for your birthday?? LOL! Yes, I have no shame.. it's been a while since I've received presents, so you can't blame me for wanting some! hahaha.. I'm such a baby!

Oh and in case you're wondering, the Singapore birthday weekend trip I planned with my girlfriends were a no go because both of them couldn't take leave that particular weekend. So we'll have to postpone it to July, probably?? Oh well... more time for me to save up even more for that trip! Not to mention more time to lose weight! LOL!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ready For A Holiday!

As you all well know, I haven't been on a proper vacay for YEARS. I've only mentioned it like 1 billion times before..

But I wanna make a change this year. I want a holiday and I AM gonna get it. Even if it means going with my girlfriends or with my sister or with my mom and family, or just me and the hubs, or me and the kids.. oh well, you get the drift.

It doesn't matter.. Pangkor, Koh Samui, Bali, Outer Banks beach rentals or Hawaii.. it all depends on the budget. See the pattern? Yes. I do want a beach vacay. It's weird, since I don't like sand, though. But I love the view AND the sea.. so sand is a deterrent for me. Besides, my children love it.. in fact, Allie is so ready for it..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bye-bye Orlando, Hello Singapore..

The Universal Studios globeImage via Wikipedia

For the past 3+ years of blogging, I have been wishing and hoping and whining about wanting to go on one of those Orlando vacations that I read so much about.

Say, how much would I really need to go for a vacation in Orlando, anyways? $5000?? After conversion, that would be a hefty RM17, 115.50! More?? Of course you've got to take into account accommodation, transport, plane tickets.. Luckily, going to L.A. would be cheap, since my husband works at the airline and gets free annual tickets. But going from L.A. to Florida??? That would be mighty insane!! Might as well just stay in L.A!

Urgh.. I think I'm gonna just scratch this plan. Might as well just go to Singapore.. After all, Universal Studios would be open REALLY REALLY soon!! With just RM3000, I could already be enjoying myself!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life in KK..*

One thing I love about my hometown of KK (Kota Kinabalu) is that everything is just within your reach. You can have access to the the beach, the islands, the mountains - Mt. Kinabalu, shopping plenty of other entertainment.

Although I love being in KL, sometimes the fast pace of the city can pretty much bring me down.. not to mention waking up to the smell of smog instead of fresh air. Plus, you can't just go for a 10 minute drive for a picnic, either..

One of my fave moments of being back in KK recently,

And maybe the next time I go back, I'm gonna ask my brother, a licensed Advance Open water diver to bring me diving. I find being some 100 feet underwater scary.. but he assured me that it'll be one of the greatest experiences in my life. Of course, most probably I'll just be 10 feet underwater.. LOL!

My brother.. the future divemaster! senyum

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Ideal Family Vacation

It's been years since I last went for a vacation.. and this birthday my girlfriends and I are planning a special somethin' somethin' in neighboring Singapore! Reason we chose Singapore is because by May, Universal Studios Singapore would already be open and well, we're hoping to get great shopping bargains as well.

Although I'd be missing my husband and two children, I'll only be away for the weekend and when I do get back, then it'll be my turn to plan a family vacation with them.

Ideally, my husband and I have always wanted a family beach vacation where we can get sun, sea and sand!

The Azul Beach Hotel located at the Riviera Maya, Mexico sounds sooooo super and time and time again, I have been fantasizing about having a great vacation there. Not only is the view beyond gorgeous, the hotel is also very child friendly - and provides extras like strollers, cribs, baby milk heaters, beach games, coloring books, refrigerators for milk and medicines, and even kid-sized bathrobes.

However, I know that a vacation like that would require some serious KACHING, so I would definitely be working hard this 2010 to finally be able to achieve my ideal vacation..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Vacation Scrapped!

It looks like our long awaited plan to spend Christmas abroad to my aunt's over in Australia has to be scrapped due to my mom's health. Don't worry.. she's fine.. but it doesn't seem that she's in shape for a long haul flight.

My mother sure wants to go but my siblings and I aren't quite willing for her to travel until she's A-OK! So maybe next year school holidays instead. I'm a little sad right now but of course my mom's health is of the utmost importance right now.. So we might just be sticking to our annual tradition! Still fun!!! :) :)

Sea, Sand and Absolute Gorgeousness!

I'm sooooo tired right now.. Just this evening, we went for a spontaneous picnic along the Likas coast a.k.a Tanjung Lipat. The children had such a great time and it was great for my mom as well.. who is still not feeling too well.

Believe it or not, it was one of our first picnic excursions along the coast but we had the perfect spot and the scenery was just so gorgeous. Just looking out at the sea.. kicking back until sunset... it was just too awesome!

I'll upload some pics when I've got a better connection. Right now, connection is just pretty darn slow!!

For those of you who are planning a beach vacation, I heard that myrtle beach vacation rentals are offering really cheap prices right now! Check it out!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get Your Australian Souvenirs!

My mom's sister has been living in Australia for almost 30 years now after marrying my uncle whose an Australian. I remember that every time she came back here to Malaysia for a visit, she'll give my siblings and I, clip on koalas.

Then I begun to notice that whenever friends or family came back from Oz, clip on koalas were the souvenirs of choice. It practically became the trademark Australian souvenir. You can't NOT have one!

One beautiful Australian souvenir that I love is aboriginal art, like this Aboriginal kangaroo art wooden notebook. Not only is it beautifully crafted, it's also an eco-friendly product.

Handmade boomerangs make a great gift too! They're specially crafted and signed by the artist so each and every single one is unique.. and the 12" boomerangs each feature symbolic elements of traditional tribal culture and spiritual beliefs.

I hope that when I make it over to Australia for the holidays, I'll be able to bring back some amazing Australian souvenirs for my blogging buddies. For those just looking to get some souvenirs to add to your collection, has great choices! You might want to check it out!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vacay After a Vacay?

Starting from tomorrow, I will not be able to go online.. I don't think I will be able to have internet access over at my uncle's. I know it's available but then I don't think I'll have the TIME to go online. So it'll be one really long vacay for me!!

Oh and speaking of vacays, as I was bloghopping just now, I saw some ads on hotels in Cozumel and I was already starting to plan another vacay in my head. I couldn't help it!! It looks so enticing!!

Besides, it'll be good for me to be away from my online activities for a while... I'll definitely miss my online buddies and my twittering, though....

*sigh* But don't worry.. I need trunks and trunks of cash to be able to go, anyways. So looks like I'll be sticking around after next week! LOL!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

If I Were a Billionaire.

Okay, so this might sound a little pathetic.. but when I'm bored, I always think of what I will do IF I were a multi-billionaire. Yeah, I admit. I do that quite a lot. Who knows, probably the forces of the universe will channel my thoughts and make my visualizations come true! Hahaha... yet more wishful thinking.. ihikhik

Anyways, what I would most definitely spend my money on, is going on First Class vacations at the best hotels and resorts around the world. By that, I mean total First Class treatment, from the moment I step off my jet and enter the world of luxury hotels! It couldn't be at all terrible, being waited on, hand and foot, right?? senyumkenyit

First stop, I'd say.... New York!

Shopping at the 4 Bs - Bloomingdale's, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman's and Bendel's is the best way to start a vacation, don't you think? menari Perfect place to stay would be the Waldorf Astoria New York, which is located just minutes from Fifth Avenue, the Rockefeller Centre and glamorous Broadway shows. Renowned for over a century, the Waldorf Astoria was one of the first "grand hotels" with a reputation for unparalleled hospitality and service. Sounds perfect to me! love

Next stop... Dubai!

As much as I'd like to stay at the Burj Al Arab, the world's first 7 star hotel, I'll save that for "special occasions".

Another luxurious world class resort is the Le Royal Meridien Dubai which has 500 luxurious rooms and suites. The Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai also boasts 21st century luxury spa treatments with facilities including a large gym overlooking the gardens and the Arabian Gulf and a Romanesque Hamman pool complex. Gorgeous!

So... after spending vacationing with family and friends over at NYC and Dubai, it's time for some quality time with the hubs at LaSource Grenada, in the Caribbean! rindu

The recently re-opened LaSource provides a 40 acre oasis of white sands, crystal clear sea and beautiful gardens and is the perfect place for complete rejuvenation of body and mind. What more can I ask for, right? doa

*snapping back to reality*

Well, one can surely dream.. rindu For the time being though, I'll just continue browsing to find a nice getaway that's more realistic.. AND more suits my budget. gatai

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