Thursday, September 5, 2013

FMSPhotoADay Day 3: Lines

I think my baby niece Naeema looks splendidly adorable in her beautiful colourful line-patterned baju kurung.

FMSPhotoADay Day 2: My Name Begins With..

My name begins with N.. or S.. depends on how you call me.

Someone Like Seri

I've been scouring my family's photo albums, the ones online (Facebook and Instagram) for pictures from my sister's wedding last March. Apparently everyone is just too lazy to upload the pics. I have pics in my DSLR but since I don't have a laptop right now, I couldn't upload them yet. But my family.. well, they have NO excuse!

I just want to find a picture of my kid sister karaoke-ing her a$$ off to Adele's Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep. LOL! It was classic! Thank goodness she didn't use a cloudlifter at musician's friend to use on her microphone. She certainly does not need an additional 25dB. The neighbours would have sued. Hehehe. Sorry Seri! :) But I have to give her props for singing like she just doesn't care! Hahahah that's what I call bravery!!

Although I couldn't find my sister's karaoke debacle picture, I did find a photo of my sister, the bride, that I love. Thanks to my cousin, Azrie (TanganSeni) for taking this pic! :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

FMSPhotoADay Day 1: Together

Day 1: Together

Here's a picture of my mom and 2 of my children together during the third day of Hari Raya. The kids miss their  Nana so much and they're begging me to bring them back to my mom's for my niece Naeema's 1st birthday. I really wish I could go, but... we'll see.

p/s: Until I get my phone back, I'll be posting my #fmsphotoaday prompts here on my blog. :)

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